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Translations for PVR2 branch ? - alanwww1 - 2010-06-08

Dear Devs !

I read a few weeks ago on xbmc frontpage that the PVR branch will be merged into trunk soon.

Quote:"Next up is the merge from the addons branch, the underpinning of the new addons manager (go figure) as well as the basis for the PVR frontend branch"

My question is that should translators start translating the pvr2 branch strings or wait until the merge finished ?

Will this merge be before the next stable release ?

Thanks for the great work,

Alan ( one of the Hungarian translators)


I sent translation files for xbmc AND the pvr branch 3 weeks ago but it was not commited yet.


Is there a problem with it ? All other language files were commited already.

- spiff - 2010-06-08

nope, it will be the focus for dharma+1.

in general, translating a development branch is a waste of time. however, it's your time to waste. it has probably not been committed because we cba to co the branch just to commit a language file (i know i can't Wink)

- alanwww1 - 2010-06-08


Thanks for the info.

Sorry to hear that the PVR branch won't be merged soon.

I mean the whole TV module can be completely switched off in the branch and the different pvr clients are already in addons.

About the language files i uploaded. They are not just for the PVR2 branch. They are also for the main branch and some of the addons.

Thanks anyway !

Cheers, Alan

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