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- maui917 - 2011-02-14

compcentral Wrote:What I've highlighted in bold are the problems. A screener (scr) or a Telesync (ts), no matter what the resolution (720 or 1080) is not as good of quality as a 720p or 1080p BluRay rip so they are avoided.

Thanks, that makes perfect sense and I just didn't catch it.

- CrashnBrn - 2011-02-15

jaaahaaa Wrote:One more question, how do I add a movie like: download dvdrip if you dont find 720 and if you later find 720 upgrade, is that possible?

I'm wondering the same thing.

- bmcclure937 - 2011-02-15

Can you please add functionality so that CouchPotato talks to SABnzbd and receives a status thru API to notify CP if a movie is actually downloaded.

As of right now, the only way I know how to mark these is by checking the green checkmark on the "snatched" NZBs.

- coendeurloo - 2011-02-15

rozuchu Wrote:Anyone? I tried installing it onto my computer after a fresh windows install but alas, I still got this RSS parsing error. I tried disabling firewall & antivirus, installed CP on another harddisk etc.

I'm having the exact same error on a fresh new install. Anyone know what's going on here?

- jaaahaaa - 2011-02-15

CrashnBrn Wrote:I'm wondering the same thing.

I got it, make a custom quality filter then use that when you download the movies instead of 720 or whatever u might be using now

- Cyberkid2002 - 2011-02-18

anyone else having issues on Windows where (it seems) the renaming part of this program seems to be stealing focus from XBMC (and therefor minimizing it)?

If so has anyone found a fix or is it something I have to live with?

- alshain - 2011-02-18

That sounds weird.. I don't think that this should happen with the renamer, as there is no additional script launched for the renaming.

I'm sorry, I don't have a windows machine and never had this problem when I still had one. If you could somehow track down the problem and tell us more about when and how, I'd appreciate it.

- Cyberkid2002 - 2011-02-18

i will investigate a little more and get back to you... starting to think it is nothing to do with CouchPotato at all!

- olafvs - 2011-02-19

Let me start with thanking you for CouchPotato. It's a great tool that I always use for downloading my movies and it's so easy to use.

I'm trying to fully automate my download process with other tools like ember, utorrent and eventghost. Many times this works, but sometimes Ember Media Manager can't find the right information for my movie. That's not strange cause torrents can have the most stupid names. So I was thinking.

While Couchpotato already has the right info about the torrent because it looks at IMDB when I do A search for a movie. Why not output an extra file with this info in it. So Ember can never be wrong. Just a simple text file that goes in the same directory as the movie.

I would certainly love this new feature and I think other people would too.

Thanks again for CP.

- steve1977 - 2011-02-19

One quick Q - I am living in a county, where IMDB is blocked and only accessible via VPN (which I don't have running all the time). CP used to be able to snatch movies once IMDB was not working, but could only add movies to the CP queue when IMDB is working,

Since one of the last updates, CP can only snatch movies when IMDB is running.

Any thoughts?

- alshain - 2011-02-19

Hmm, I think it should be able to snatch movies even when IMDB doesn't work for you. I'll ask Ruud about that.

but who would block IMDB? What country do you live in?

- olafvs - 2011-02-19

alshain Wrote:Hmm, I think it should be able to snatch movies even when IMDB doesn't work for you. I'll ask Ruud about that.

but who would block IMDB? What country do you live in?

Wild guess: I think that is because IMDB offers movie information about topics like democracy, freedom of speech and maybe movies/documentaries that are negative about certain countries. Countries like China, some countries in the middle east and Africa block these sites.

- steve1977 - 2011-02-20

alshain Wrote:Hmm, I think it should be able to snatch movies even when IMDB doesn't work for you. I'll ask Ruud about that.

but who would block IMDB? What country do you live in?

Not sure what has changed, but snatching movies used in earlier releases, but stopped a couple of releases ago. It still works when I use VPN though (i.e., making IMDB available).

Adding movies of course always required IMDB (in earlier and later releases) and I guess this cannot be changed as SB requires IMDB to identify the movie. TMDB may be an alternative, but not sure whether feasible to change the whole SB approach only for the few guys sitting in countries with IMDB restrictions...

- alshain - 2011-02-20

The primary problem with TMDB is, that it's search engine sucks. IMDB's results are much closer to what you intend to find.

- FatBoyNotSoSlim - 2011-02-21

Has the problem with Apache's mod_proxy been looked at recently? I set a a webserver over the weekend to forward Sabnzbd/Sickbeard/Couchpotato and only Couchpotato failed to work correctly. I'm using the basic method of ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse in Apache. A page loads, but all the css/images are missing.

This is what it looks like for me:

The Wanted/Manage/Soon/Logs links are all incorrectly linking to http://www.example.com/wanted http://www.example.com/manage etc. and not http://www.example.com/couchpotato/wanted etc.

I've read the report here: https://github.com/RuudBurger/CouchPotato/issues/104 where someone else was also reporting that it fails to work.

From what I can tell, even with basedirectory set, it's looking for files in the wrong directy.

I did just find the following post by sofaking, which I plan to attempt to use tonight if it's a working method?
sofakng Wrote:Yeah, that would work but it still requires opening extra ports.

Anyways, it looks like I got it working using the Apache module mod_proxy_html.

If anybody is curious, here's how to set it up:

1) DO NOT set urlbase in config.ini

2) Download and install the latest mod_proxy_html.

2) Enable the following Apache modules: headers, proxy_html (and proxy, proxy_http)

3) Use the following in your httpd.conf (or default site configuration file):
<Location /movies>
    ProxyHTMLEnable On
    ProxyHTMLURLMap http://localhost:8084 /movies
    RequestHeader    unset  Accept-Encoding

    ProxyPass http://localhost:8084
    ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:8084

I've tested everything and it seems to work. You also do not need to enable ProxyPreserveHost so other proxies still work (ie. webmin, etc).

Hope this is helpful to somebody someday Smile