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A Few Observations/Requests - ralob - 2010-06-20

1. 16x9 looks amazing. But the animation going from show to show is pretty abrupt and jarring.

2. Any chance of allowing bigger fonts? The plot outlines and show information is very small and hard to read from a distance.

3. When in File mode in videos, there is always part of a name cut off at the very top of the list, while the bottom appears fully.

4. An episode number indicator in the 3d banner view would be awesome. The banner-panel could benefit from this, as well. (I love seeing how many episodes I can marathon Smile)

5. Why is it that some views require pressing up to bring forth the menu overlay to change views, while others require pressing down? And when in Files view in library, if you press right once, the larger incremental scroll bar pops up. If you press right again, shouldn't the menu overlay popup?

6. While in the menu overlay that allows for view changes, it is just as intuitive for the user to press 'exit' on their remote than left or right. Pressing 'exit', in my opinion, should just exit the overlay, not the library.

Had to do some pretty intensive nit-picking to bring the list up to 6. What an incredible skin you have made. I love it and am very much looking forward to seeing how it develops.

- mcborzu - 2010-06-20

1. I have a love/hate relationship with that view, I have a better vision for that view but it'll take a lot of time

2. I thought the sizes we're pretty big, definably compared to other skins. My rule of thumb was if I can't read it comfortably from 10ft why do it...

3. I rarely venture into files mode, I'll take a peek

4. Not every view can have every infolabel...

5. Tough call, obvious you scroll one way so that takes away 2 choices
I think these options are essential-
View Options
So that leaves 3 options competing for 2 slots...

6. Another thing I have a love/hate relationship with...

But yea I love hearing any suggestions, many people have had some great ideas/suggestions so far.

- Only One Haze - 2010-06-26

I'll add to this thread as well. I Love the 3d banner view (especially for my football games) but wish that instead of pressing down to see the info/plot, it would be up above and utilize some of the empty space above the banners. Maybe move the stuff that is already there up a little further under the title and put the episode info/plot could go there. Anyways just my two cents. loving this skin.

- mcborzu - 2010-06-26

Do you mean this view...If yes, I thought about for the dark version of that view putting plot between the logo and the other labels.

If you meant this view, I agree there is alot of space in that view but then to tie the other 3d view together then I think plot should go there also. Either way I play with these ideas and see what happens...

- Only One Haze - 2010-06-26

yes i was thinking that for the espisode view (the first one you linked to) I think that view would be perfect. I think moving the season/episode portion up under the logo then the plot and the flags would just complete that view. But Im glad to hear that you are open to different opinions, if you decide not to that is okay as well, because this is your skin, and this view is awesome either way!