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Speed up scrolling in big collections - _Andy_ - 2010-06-22


I want to speed up the scrolling in big music/video collection.
I found an old thread (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=65376)
but it seems that the syntax have changed.

What do i have to add in (mymusicnav.xmx,myvideonav.xml) to disable fanart and thumbs changing during scrolling?


- ronie - 2010-06-22

depending on which revision of xbmc you are using,
you could upgrade to the svn version of Transparency!

check this post for compatible versions:

- _Andy_ - 2010-06-23

ah ok. i use XBMC PRE-10.5r31226 and i downloaded the latest Transparency! from SVN yesterday.

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