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Logo will not appear - mpalatsi - 2010-07-02

Ok, let me tell you the whole process of how the logos for certain shows are no longer showing up. First, I put three TV shows in my library; Futurama, True Blood, and something else. I hit the script to find logos, all was well and the logos were showing perfectly fine. I then went home and added more shows, once I hit the script... the first three shows no longer had a logo but all of the new ones did. So I proceeded to hit the "Find Logo" button and I get the error below:

Error: Can't get logo from this view

Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

- ppic - 2010-07-02

you can't download logo on episode info view.

- mcborzu - 2010-07-02

ppic Wrote:you can't download logo on episode info view.

Good catch, I should only make that button visible on TV level

Yea seems like you can only use that button at the TV show or Season level not episode level. If you want you can not use the script and just download it manually from LockStockMods then save the logo as logo.png at the top of level of your TV show:


- ppic - 2010-07-02

season level worked

- mpalatsi - 2010-07-02

Just so you know, I was not on the episode page... I was at the top level (the page right after you hit "TV Shows" ). I will go ahead and try it manually, but I fear that when I get home and look at the folder for that show, I'm going to see that there is already a logo in there because at one time it was actually working. I will keep you updated.

- ppic - 2010-07-02

and please post a log