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Any easy way to combine two skins? - nate44 - 2010-07-06

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to xbmc and skinning in general but have been playing around with it for a bit. I'm not at a level with it that I can create my own skin just yet so I was hoping someone could help me out here.

Basically I use xbmc for two things only - tv shows and movies. Unfortunately for me, I absolutely love two particular views, but they are found in different skins.

My favourite tv show skin is the Night>fanart skin, whereas my favourite Movies skin is the Transparency>fanart skin.

Is there any reasonably simple solutlion to being able to run both of these exact skins at the same time, that is, for the Night tv skin to load in tv shows but the Transparency skin to load automatically when selecting movies?

- donabi - 2010-07-07

there is no way around xml-editing.

you would have to take one of those skins and edit some (or maybe a lot) of the xml-files.
copy&paste would not do the job.