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[OLD] reFocus: Introduction and screenshots - Jeroen - 2010-07-10 17:36

I'll take you through a short walk through some of the features you will be able to find in reFocus.

Simply select any of the main menu items to enter it's submenu:

[Image: MYDox.jpg]
To go back to the main menu, press the left key as indicated by the arrow at the top.

The gallery viewtype is a fanart centered viewtype. There's two layout varations. The strip layout:
[Image: x8DGO.jpg]
The TV Show logo displayed on the fanart can be enabled or disabled in the skin settings.

In this layout you can press <down> to zoom the selected movie's fanart to fullscreen and view plot information:
[Image: TwBqV.jpg]

Alternately you can use the menu to set the layout to fullscreen gallery permanently (until you decide to put it back of course):
[Image: q6S0y.jpg]

The slide viewtype also offers two layout options. First there's browsing through the movie or tvshows showing posters:
[Image: rf_tv_sl.jpg]

Or by using the menu again, showing fanart:
[Image: RGRs4.jpg]

- Jeroen - 2010-07-10 17:37

-reFocus has support for weather fanart. Weather fanart can be used in the weather screen and when hovering over the weather entry in the homescreen menu. To enable, download thisweather fanart package:

Then go to skin settings. Go to the artwork category and check enable weather fanart. Set the path to where you extracted the weather fanart package and you're done.

[Image: 5Gfqv.jpg]

When you have the now playing entry enabled in the homescreen menu (go to skin settings > home menu to enable), fanart for the currently playing music is displayed on the homescreen when you hover on the now playing menu item. The menu itself will show the track and artist.

[Image: lFRoH.jpg]

I'll leave the rest up to you to discover Smile

Download current version here

- Jeroen - 2010-09-08 17:11

some more random screenshots

[Image: Fkwz9.png]

[Image: G1hYu.png]

[Image: eG2uY.png]

[Image: 7w3ws.png]

[Image: ly4UX.png]

[Image: JMnxp.jpg]

- Jeroen - 2010-09-08 17:35

[Image: L0ZOi.jpg]

[Image: xkM4r.jpg]

[Image: WqljG.jpg]

[Image: FyTxb.png]

[Image: RHqG6.jpg]

[Image: KU1mT.png]

- Jeroen - 2011-06-27 03:28

[Image: Rqqjg.jpg]

[Image: screenshot000a.png]

[Image: lmDHo.png]

[Image: TfHXK.jpg]

[Image: 6C4Sn.jpg]