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Showing artist thumbnail in music visualization - odt_x - 2010-07-13


Been struggling with this for a while now - what's the proper way to show the current playing music's artists thumbnail image in the Music Visualization window? I checked http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=InfoLabels and can get fanart and album cover info fine, just haven't figured out the artist image. According to the wiki it looks like this item can only be displayed when it's in a list?

Is there any way around this?

- odt_x - 2010-07-13

Is this possible at all, I don't think I've seen any skin do it yet... Anyone?

- djtoll - 2010-07-14

In my Confluence Touch ME! (MOD) it is integrated.

Can Download the last, MOD-40

You must be put an artist.jpg image in the Album Folder/Folders.


greetz djtoll

- odt_x - 2010-07-14

OK, gonna take a look how you implemented it - anyhow, I think it should be doable with the artist thumbnails stored in the xbmc cache too? I use an artist/album directory structure for storing the files with folder.jpg's in both meaning different things.