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Translate of addon with upstream repo existing - alanwww1 - 2010-07-24

Dear Devs !

Some of my translations was deleted from the dharma-pre git because it has an upstream repo. For example ListenLiveEU.

With all of these add-ons do i have to contact the author of the add-on and submit directly to him ?

I think this will be very complicated to do in case of each addon and each developer. For a normal translator this will be too much of a work to search and locate the author, make a contactship with him and try to submit the patch to him.

I am sure that in case the method is this, most of the translators wouldn't take the time to translate too much addons just a few or none (like we had in the past)

I thought as we have an "official" repo and git system for hosting these addons it is a great place and centralized system where users can easily submit their language files and each addon developer can easily pull these language files to his repo. I think in this case a lot of translators will do the job and tranlate a lot of addons.

Could you please consider the later method ?

The addon system is great anyway and thanks for the amazing job.


- jmarshall - 2010-07-25

The official git repository on sourceforge is not for development, it's for hosting current versions for end users. Thus, any development needs to happen elsewhere, ideally on the upstream (svn/git) repository (if it exists). Otherwise it's a mess as noone knows what the official set of files is, as some changes may have occurred upstream and "downstream".

Now, there's nothing stopping the setting up of a source management system for translators specifically, where all strings are pulled together and hosted in a single place. Each addon dev could then pull from there into their repositories as needed, and those changes would then be pulled into the end-user repository for distribution.


- alanwww1 - 2010-07-25

That would be great. I think it would help a lot connecting translators and developers. I mean how can a translator keep track of which addon has it's on svn or which one has not and where and how to find the addon svn and developer.

Is there a chance that such source management system for language files could be set up on xbmc git ? Wink

I offer my work and help if needed.

- jmarshall - 2010-07-25

Will discuss it with some others. I think it would be better if we could open things up further using online translation stuff (eg launchpad has something for this).

- spiff - 2010-07-25

in either case, the best way for now is to send a mail to the addons mailing list. with a topic ala [plugin.audio.ListenLiveEU] patch.

all the authors should be subscribed to the ml. this may be easier than hunting a gazillion trackers down.

- alanwww1 - 2010-07-25

Hey guys !

Thanks for all the info. I will do it however you guys decide, but i think a centralized language file system would be really great. I was just thinking of the process every translator has to follow now. If i get it right:

1. Subscribe to maillist
2. Check all scrapers, plugins, scripts, skins mailing and find out which one has an upstream.
3. Download the addons with git and do the translations.
4. The changed and added files has to be separated by having an upstream or not.
5. With the group of addons having an upstream, for each addon, each translator has to generate separate emails with the translated files. (This will mean hundreds of mails i think)
6. With the remaining addons, the translator has to make a git diff and submit it to xbmc trac.

Currently i have a few plugins and scrapers newly translated. Is this the way i should start submitting them ?

For example with these addons:

ListenLiveEU, iPhoto, Luisterpal, Transmission, Cinemarx.ro, Cinemagia.ro

With no upstream:
Bootable Disk Wizzard, FoxNews

Please correct the method i described if something is not ok! Thanks,

Cheers, Alan

- takoi - 2010-07-26

launchpad can do all of this

- alanwww1 - 2010-07-26

Yes I found an old thread discussing this:


In this thread it is mentioned that Ubuntu is translated this way.
This seems very good for xbmc and addons translations:


All strings can have a description to help others translate it. Also i think it is generally a lot easier for translators to handle a system like this, than making git diff files for different type of addons (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=76029)


I gladly help maintaining and filling up the database with the language files if you accept my help !
Let me contribute :-)

Cheers !

- spiff - 2010-07-26

problem is launchpad stuff cannot output files in our format, only .po. blittan was working on a converter but he's been mia for a year or so now more or less :/

- alanwww1 - 2010-07-26

Wouldn't these be a little bit of a help in conversion:


Looking at a sample po file. I think it is not so complicated to even write a converter between the two formats. Maybe even with regexp. It is possible.


Edit: One relevant converation about a similar problem:

Anyway, would it be a too silly idea is to just make a webspace on xbmc mirrors where we always copy the current original files has to be translated, make a copy protection to it, but translators could get access and upload their language files in a different directory.

Like for example the structure would look like this:

Internal addons

Well of course this way the addon developers has to pull the new translations to their repo from time to time (maybe in case of version changing or in every one month or so), but i think it is than not too much of a work.

- spiff - 2010-07-26

while i think making them files easier to find for translators is a good idea, giving the authors the load of checking when an update is available is absolutely unacceptable.

- alanwww1 - 2010-07-26

spiff Wrote:while i think making them files easier to find for translators is a good idea, giving the authors the load of checking when an update is available is absolutely unacceptable.

Ok. I understand that. So the simple webspace solution is no good. If i can present a po to xml and xml to po converter can you put together the launchpad translation solution. As i wrote i can undertake the task to create and maintain the POT template files and do other needed stuff.

I cheked and there are some really nice crossplatforms utils editing, creating etc the po and pot files. Eg. http://www.poedit.net/screenshots.php.

Edit: Two relevant emailing about xml and pot conversion:

- takoi - 2010-07-26

i pm'd blittan about it and he's saying he's writing an online translation tool from scratch. why i dont know tho. probably because you have to convert them all the time

- spiff - 2010-07-26

if you hand us the conversion tool, we will handle launchpad for sure. note that it's gonna be somewhat tricky i think, since .po has no concept of an id, instead the english string is used as the key.

- alanwww1 - 2010-07-26

spiff Wrote:if you hand us the conversion tool, we will handle launchpad for sure. note that it's gonna be somewhat tricky i think, since .po has no concept of an id, instead the english string is used as the key.

That's no problem at all 'cause we can use msgctxt "id_number" format in the po file.
I found this in Blittan's emailing :-)


If he is currently writing an online conversion tool i think there is no sense for me to start another one. What i could make is a simple command-line tool that converts addon.xml and strings.xml files to po and reverse. But if Blittan can do an online version, that's even better.

Maybe also an online regexp tool with a proper expression can do the trick, i am not sure.

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