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few questions for noob - regan - 2010-07-29

these might sound like stupid questions but im still new to xbmc sorry!first of all great skin been looking for something that makes it easier to search via genre and year ect!

question 1 how do i add logo's to the tv series?do i have to do it manually if so how?

question 2 how do i add a sub menu on the home screen for hd movies?

- mcborzu - 2010-07-29

1. Either run the script to do it for you automatically - Settings->Skin->Movie/TV options or download one by one from lockstockmods.net***

2. Settings->Skin->Custom Home Options. From there you can set one favorite and one video playlist...

- isamu.dragon - 2010-07-29

Answer 1: You can use the provided script in Settings/Skin/"Movie/TV" section. OR you can scrap all your shows with Ember Media Manager with the xbmcstuff module installed in it.

Answer 2: select the folder, select add to favorites, go to Settings/Skin/Custom Home. For Submenu under movies, scroll to "Custom Movies Submenus". Select "Set Custom Submenu Favorite 1". Label it whatever you want, Select "Set Favorite". A menu will show and select your folder in the menu.

This will work if items in the folder are scrapped into XBMC.

- regan - 2010-07-29

im not sure when what you mean when you say "use the provided scrip"?
all my tv series have posters and they work fine but i cant figure out how to assign a logo to a series?

thank you for pointing out how to add a hd movies section that worked well

- mcborzu - 2010-07-29


- regan - 2010-07-29

its the easiest things that i never spot! thanks for the help Laugh