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How to hide Song Pop-Up between songs? - Berz - 2010-07-31

I often use my xbmc when I have guests over to play music in the background to set the mood. A small annoyance in those occasions is the song pop-up window that shows between songs and pulls all eyes to my TV-set for a couple of seconds.

Does anyone know how I can disable this pop-up when playing music? Huh

- jmarshall - 2010-08-01

See advancedsettings.xml - you can set it the duration to 0 to stop it popping up.

The alternative is to keep it on all the time.

- Blackbolt - 2010-08-01

Cheers for your help jmarshall.

- Berz - 2010-08-01

Hi again,

Prior to my post I ran throught the following link:

But the only option I could think of there was <songinfoduration> but as it states: "The valid range is "1" to "Indefinite (0)", in seconds"

So the value "0" will just leave the pop-up on at all time. I've also tried setting the value to -1 and others, but no value will disable the song information pop-up.

Are you hinting at some other parameter in the Advancedsettings.xml that I'm not aware of, jmarshall?

- Blackbolt - 2010-08-01

Unless you're referring to a bug with our skin maybe where the song info doesn't hide. That will be fixed in 1.2.

- Berz - 2010-08-01

Well, I don't see it as a bug since the Wiki of advancedsettings.xml clearly describes what the parameter I mentioned earlier does AND it does exactly that.

It just don't support hiding/disabling of the pop-up as I see it. That's what I'm asking here - if there is another way to disable the pop-up (like a setting somewhere)? Huh Either in Elipsis or in XBMC itself.

- jmarshall - 2010-08-01

Remove the info from the skin altogether is an easy way to do it.

- Berz - 2010-08-02

Hmm.. okay.. Anyone that knows what skin-file(s) I should remove?

- Waffa - 2010-08-02

Open.. Ellipsis/720p/MusicVisualisation.xml

Out comment line 16 to 118 <!-- ......-->

You can also make or request for a skin setting to toggle on/off musicinfo in visualisation. Wink

- Berz - 2010-08-03

Thanks for the input Waffa. It worked as it should, but I see now that this method is a little to effective since it removes the pop-up from ever showing - even if you want to see what's playing. I've found that the best solution at the time is to set the timeout to a couple of seconds in Advancedsettings.xml. I'll look forward to the Ellipsis version 1.2 and test this then Smile

- Waffa - 2010-08-03

Yep very effective Smile

Skinsetting is the best way.
Open.. Ellipsis/720p/MusicVisualisation.xml

Change line 18
<visible>Player.ShowInfo + !Skin.HasSetting(Hide_MusicInfo_Visualisation)</visible>

And open.....Ellipsis/720p/custom_SkinSetting.xml

Add this code under radiobutton 104. line 265
PHP Code:
            <control type="radiobutton" id="114">
label>Hide Music info in Visualisation</label>
texturefocus border="4,5,6,8">controls\button_f.png</texturefocus>

Now you can switch your info on/off in your general skinsettings.

- joebrady - 2010-08-03

I thought we could just toggle it with a key press between, always on, always off, and "pop-up".

- Waffa - 2010-08-03

That was my thought 2, but it pops up when new song begins.

- Berz - 2010-08-04

I tried your alternative method, Waffa, but for the life of me, I couldn't see this new option in any of the skin settings menus. The name "Hide Music info in Visualisation" isn't showing anywhere. I did exactly as you noted. I even checked the xbmc.log to see if any warnings/errors was logged. But nothing.

Did you try this yourself?

In any case, don't use more of your time on this "problem". And thanks again for your effort Smile

- Waffa - 2010-08-04

Yep and setting should be in general under hide fanart.