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- garyi - 2010-08-23

gnif. The output of audio from a mac is determined by the OS, which is set via audio/midi applications in the utilities folder. If I set it to say output at 44100 at 24bit then that is what will be outputed, if I play a higher rated audio file then it will be downsampled to the audio preference.

A number of applications on the market now, including ammara and pure music can change these settings.

In other words unless you ensure this happens (or someone does on the OSX branch) then what comes out of the mac won't necessarily be what you think you specified.

- davilla - 2010-08-23

gnif, I suggest spending some time here http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/documentation/MusicAudio/Conceptual/CoreAudioOverview/Introduction/Introduction.html

I know little about CoreAudio, I spend my time with video decoding and rendering, there's lot to be done there so aside from testing, I won't be much help with porting AE to OSX. Phi handled the audio under OSX. One thing to watch out for, CoreAudio API is dependent on which SDK you target. The current SDk we target is 10.4.

- ashlar - 2010-08-24

gnif, I can only donate. I don't have extra HDMI equipment available. Would donations directly help you somehow?

- gnif - 2010-08-25

Hi ashlar,

Please send any and all donations to me personally via my source-forge account here:

- cowbalt - 2010-08-25

Good to see you guys are starting to clean and up working on fixes rather than adding much more features.

one little question....does this mean that sound settings in xbmc will be more compatible to most systems in the future? I still see a lot systems that require tuning of the asound.conf (e.g. tripple outputting sound to all channels or adding an asound.conf for outputting menu sounds).

So I guess it will be more user friendly in the near future?

- Goga777 - 2010-08-26

when are you planing to merge your AE branch into trunk ?

- spiff - 2010-08-26

ffs! when it's done.

- gnif - 2010-09-02

Yes, it means that asound should not need touching anymore unless custom requirements are needed, such as outputting to more then one sound card.

@Goga777 - Have you even tried AE yet? No pulse, win32, osx support, passthrough broken, ac3 transcode broken, paplayer seek broken.... it will be merged after these things are fixed, and it has been extensively tested.

- erhnam - 2010-09-03

Noticed a lot of work. What's the latest status? Smile

- gnif - 2010-09-03

well, most of paplayer's codecs are functioning again, paplayer is now bit perfect. Also tracked down some memory leaks, etc... and patched in most of the passthrough layer, if you want more details have a look at the changelog.

- ArtVandelae - 2010-09-06

I've been playing with this branch a bit and have audio playing under Windows with a WASAPI sink I wrote. It works in both shared and exclusive mode (selected with a boolean toggle in the settings menu) so it should be the only needed sink for Vista/7 systems and thus should avoid polluting the selection list with overly long and duplicate device names.

I've also made some small changes needed to compile under Windows. I'm not sure if you are interested in seeing patches at this point or if you would prefer to wait until development settles down.

- gnif - 2010-09-07

Wow, great work ArtVandelae, nice to know that someone else has had success with AE Smile. Once I get the passthrough side sorted id love to see your patches. Thanks for the assist yet again

- erhnam - 2010-09-08


Luigi and I are trying to find a way to auto configure alsa in a way that all devices will be used (digital, sp/dif and hdmi). Do you have any thoughts on this or perhaps you can implement something that makes it very easy to output to multiple audio devices. Hope you can help!

- gnif - 2010-09-08

No, multiple output to multiple cards is a technical nightmare, there is NO way to make this work properly, just achieving low latency on one output is hard, let alone on multiple. And then keeping them in sync would be an even bigger nightmare, the way audio hardware is designed makes this infeasible, and out of the scope of XBMC.

- topfs2 - 2010-09-08

And Im pretty sure pulseaudio already is able to do that so if you need it use pulseaudio Smile