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- cat320 - 2011-05-01

i post my new comment, before i have seen your new version. I have forget to update Firefox

Take3 works now with TrueHD

- lloydsmart - 2011-05-01

Well, I hate to admit this, but things are a helluva lot simpler over in windows-land. I can confirm that take3 is working with TrueHD bitstreaming here on Windows 7. I was considering switching to Windows soon anyway for 3D stuff, and I think this will be the clincher.

Great work everyone, xbmc just keeps getting better!

- ArtVandelae - 2011-05-01

Glad to hear it finally works!
Thanks for putting up with my crashing builds Smile.

- Slipx - 2011-05-01

ArtVandelae Wrote:Alright, I've found and eliminated the crashing bug. I apparently broke something in the player core with my earlier changes so hopefully this fixes it.


Great work. Confirmed that TrueHD is working in this build even with sync display enabled.

- SpectreX - 2011-05-01

+1 , works fine on my Zacate + Denon 2310 Smile . Now waiting for DTS-HD MA and XBMC will be perfect as far as playback is concerned Smile

Thank you - Wanilton - 2011-05-01

Thank you, the last version it´s great, no more error, great job, wait for this add soon for nightlies version.
Congratulations Artvandelae,



- Mrfingers - 2011-05-02

+1 Also, works great! Same hardware as Wanilton, Win7 64, AMD HD5450 and Onkyo 705.

- gnif - 2011-05-02

Great work ArtVandelae, good to see windows support is now in there... I have pulled the changes into the main AE branch and updated OSS to work with it, your ALSA changes were spot on. Confirmed still working under Linux with ALSA.

I have begun work on DTS-HD support, we should have that working very soon as well, with the changes ArtVandelae has made, it should just work on all platforms once I get it in there.

- gnif - 2011-05-02

Another minor update: Just merged with master

- SpectreX - 2011-05-02

gnif Wrote:Another minor update: Just merged with master

You mean did AE got merged in the master branch, or did you update the AE branch in regards to the chnages in master branch?

- gnif - 2011-05-02

Believe me, the post will be bolded, huge and probarbly read when it gets merged into master Tongue...

Master was merged into AE.

- SpectreX - 2011-05-02

Haha, can`t wait for that big bolded post Smile.

Out of curiosity, was there a reason (tehnical or otherwise) you started working on TrueHD first instead of DTS-HD MA? Because 70% of the movies in the last 2 years have DTS-HD, it seems to be more predominat then TrueHD..

- gnif - 2011-05-02

I added TrueHD first because it seemed like the harder of the two to add first, and if major changes needed to be made to accommodate it, I could do so without having to break the DTS-HD code.

- T800 - 2011-05-02

What is "Take3" that keeps being mentioned?

Nevermind, it is Artvandalae's 3rd build.

- cat320 - 2011-05-02

Can´t wait for DTS-HD support.