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- liquidskin76 - 2011-07-31

ArtVandelae Wrote:You shouldn't be using a Directsound device under Windows 7. Try changing it to something without that prefix.

Hey ArtVandelae,

Getting similar to Wanilton from your latest commit...

TrueHD... no audio and juddering video

DTS-HD... no audio with DTS flashing up on av reciever, and juddering video

flac... no audio and juddering video

Plain old Dolby Dig and DTS are bitstreaming ok. I get the same in and out of exclusive mode. I only have one audio device enabled on my HTPC (NVidia GT520 HDMI). All was working ok in last good Windows build.

Many thanks. Wink

- Sam.Nazarko - 2011-07-31

Yup. Exact same symptoms. Thought it was an EDID issue as it used to be with MPC-HC and ATI 5xxx cards, guess not

- Wanilton - 2011-08-01

ArtVandelae, thanks for tip, but don´t work for me, i compiled your version in 15 of july and work fine for me, incluse DTS HD MA, I have 2 builds now for compare, actual build compiled in 30 of july, broken audio (no audio dts hd ma, no audio dolby true hd), in audio music problems is skip tracks, when enter second track. In build 15 of july, work fine here all audio HD ok, and no problem with music audio too.

Same configuration for 2 builds...
My logs, same musics, same music video DTS HD MA:
Link for log 07.15 build - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25170804/xbmc1507.log
Link for log 07.30 build - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25170804/xbmc3007.log

Here link for compiled version build work audio HD for me (07.15.2011), in windows 7 64 bits:
Here link for compiled version build don´t work audio HD for me (07.30.2011), in windows 7, 64 bits:

Thanks ArtVandelae and GNIF for great support in Audio Engine, I hope this help to solve the problems.

- gnif - 2011-08-02

@Wanilton - Thanks for the detailed information, but I believe you do not have full debugging enabled as the log of even the working version does not show any of the information needed to diagnose this. Specifically the CSoftAE::GetStream details along with the audio sink information.

Also, the GuessChLayout warning is just that, a warning, it occurs due to some of the API not yet passing that information, its not an error or a problem.

- Wanilton - 2011-08-02

@gnif - full debug
New link log for version ok - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25170804/xbmcversionok.log
New link log for version not ok - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25170804/xbmcversionnotok.log



- MaDeMaNN - 2011-08-03

Thanks Wanilton just wanted to point out that the 7.30 version didnt allow me to swipe up, down, right, or left via my ipad or iphone i reverted back to the 7.15 version in which it works perfect. I am on Windows 7 64bit. Thanks for your continued effort in building the windows version!

- joethefox - 2011-08-04

A question: with the brand new audio engine is technically possible to implement basic dj mixing functions? Tonight I had a dream: I made a party with xbmc that plays music with a VPR connected with project-m in a wall and with an ipad running a remote control app just like xbmc constellation acting as dj console mixer... :O

Sorry. I need vacations.

- HeresJohnny - 2011-08-07

There, now you broke it.

- CrystalP - 2011-08-08

gnif, ArtVandelae,
The difference in Wanilton's logs is the number of channels. Same thing for DTS HD and TrueHD.

In the OK version, the audio device is initialized with channel count = 8 and channel layout FL,FR,FC,LFE,BL,BR. Seems two channels are missing from the layout.

In the not OK version, the device is initialized with channel count = 6, channel layout FL,FR,FC,LFE,BL,BR. Consistent this time but doesn't work.

I don't have HDMI or samples here, can't help you more. Though the problem seems related to the new ChannelLayout stuff.

- gnif - 2011-08-08

Thanks for spotting that CrystalP, I will try to track it down, I couldn't see the problem for looking Smile

- gnif - 2011-08-08

@joethefox - It is possible, but I doubt it will ever be done, XBMC is not designed for that kind of use, but AE itself could be used in an application that was designed for it.

@Wanilton - Can you please try the updated version and see if it has corrected your issue, I believe I located the issue.

- Roelio - 2011-08-08

Is it just me or did other people also made a little dance when they saw the TrueHD/DTS-MA capable receiver option in the System Settings menu? Nod

- gnif - 2011-08-08

@Roelio - I did a dance too, but that was because I added them Big Grin

Test with new changes - Wanilton - 2011-08-08

gnif Wrote:@Wanilton - Can you please try the updated version and see if it has corrected your issue, I believe I located the issue.

Hello Gnif, thanks for try fix this problems, I compiled new version today, and same situation here:
my full log

I Don´t have audio HD and dolby and dts a don´t have audio and have fast videoConfusedniffle.
I Have audio in music, but alternate tracks, skip next tracks, don´t running track selected, and get other track and run ok.

Thanks again..

- Galacticus - 2011-08-09

how do i install this new version to get dthd and dts master?