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- rodercot - 2012-01-28


here is a pastebin as requested. Yes the system seems fine prior to suspend. Alsa does not cause any issues when i suspend and resume within mythfrontend on the same machine from the cli. (pm-suspend) and then resume with the remote while in mythbuntu I can resume live TV, watch a recording etc...

The posted log is open xbmc, suspend xbmc, resume xbmc, tried to quit xbmc from system > power instead I have to Killall using (appswitch.pl) script to recover the desktop. The whole time it resumes I have over 125 to 130% cpu usage.

Eden B2 (GIT) not the nightly ppa suspends and resumes fine no errors and I can start playing a file right away without having to restart xbmc. (killall)




- DDDamian - 2012-01-28

heh heh - gnif just fixed the "zero volume" bug for upgraders Laugh

- MaDeMaNN - 2012-01-28

Thanks gnif! I just tried to compile the windows build and it failed. The prior build worked great. Thanks again

- sjongele - 2012-01-28

grote002 Wrote:Hi sjongele, try switching the 'deinterlace method' from 'Auto Select' to something like 'blend', that fixed it for me.

Thanks for your help, but whatever deinterlace method I choose, the issue remains. In the log a lot of "CDVDPlayerAudio:: Discontinuity" appear.

- Gryph - 2012-01-28

@gnif - Just compiled this as of about an hour ago. Now I see my log file is flooded with errors. Previously no errors with any other compiles.

Have a look at the log file, see what you think. Files play very stuttered poor receiver doesn't know what's going on, flicks in and out. The files I've tested were known to have worked before.


EDIT: I reverted back to a previous commit (from yesterday) and it's back working again.

- gnif - 2012-01-28

@Gryph - Try and increase ALSA_PERIODS in "xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Sinks/AESinkALSA.cpp" until the problem goes away, there was an error in the calculation of these values earlier, but obviously needs some tweaking for different hardware still.

- gnif - 2012-01-28


* Merged with master to get around some nasty bugs in the release I merged with last.
* Bad logic in period calcs in ALSA has been corrected
* Timeout for the ALSA wait has been added, no longer infinate
* Added suspend/resume support to the ALSA sink for @rodercot (untested)
* Increased the ALSA periods to try to correct the issue @Gryph is having
* Added back feedback for failure to open an output sink
* Renamed volume control setting for those switching between master and AE.
* Added new profiler sink to evaluate SoftAE performance on different platforms.
* Fixed an issue with CAERemap using channels that are not in your channel layout if the sink had to open them (ALSA users)

Coming Soon:

* Thanks to @Fneufneu, support for HDMI bitstreaming of TrueHD and DTS-MA via OSS4 is just about ready (great for FreeBSD users).
* Thanks to @DDDamian the WASAPI sink will be also updated soon to correct numerous playback problems, especially with bitstreaming.


Windows VC++ project is broken at the moment, I will correct this likely some time tomorrow.

- MaDeMaNN - 2012-01-28

Thanks Gnif for the updates and hard work!

- Hack_kid - 2012-01-28

MaDeMaNN Wrote:Thanks Gnif for the updates and hard work!

I'd have to agree, the amount of work you have pumped out in such a short amount of time is just amazing. Now to go test the latest commits (havent updated linux build in a whole 2 days Smile )

- avus m3 - 2012-01-28

Thanks Gnif...*Starts the slow clap*

- gnif - 2012-01-28

Thanks guys,

I am off to sleep now, been up all night working on this Smile

Just another quick update first through

* Replaced the implementation of CAEUtil::SoftClamp to use an approximation of the tanh method which is much much faster
* Implemented CAEUtil::SSEMulClampArray which performs both the multiplication and new clamp all in SSE.

- rodercot - 2012-01-28

Thanks gnif - darn I wanted the 1000th post. LOL. Have a good rest. I will recompile and test out this evening. I started installing oneiric on a new intel build - WHAT A MISTAKE.


- DDDamian - 2012-01-28

Hack_kid Wrote:I'd have to agree, the amount of work you have pumped out in such a short amount of time is just amazing. Now to go test the latest commits (havent updated linux build in a whole 2 days Smile )

He's quite the coder. We were looking at expected latency's & timings, and he put together a test sink with ping timers in like 20min lol. Many of the stuttering or discontinuity issues hinge on one main loop in the code, thus the work right now on latency and sink code.

- MutatedHero - 2012-01-28

Great work! Looking forward to building it for Windows tomorrow. I've tried AE a few times before including yesterdays version but all I get is stuttering picture and no sound except when running music files.
I was about to post logs but seeing all the changes made I'll wait untill I've been able to build and try the new one.

- Komet - 2012-01-28

dado483 Wrote:My branch is the merge between opdenkamp (PVR) and gnif (AE).
Actually i merged the latest commits of this repository.
If music have problem displaying duration, i think is a change is xbmc master branch (opdenkamp branch is up to date with the main xbmc branch)

It would be great if you could publish you merge-branch!