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Behold: The Awesomeness - XBMCG33K - 2010-08-14


- johoja - 2010-08-14

That looks pretty sweet! Also I think it would be a good idea to get the skin submitted into the official add-on repo

- XBMCG33K - 2010-08-14

Problem is lack of a coder. I'm getting better though.

- toby77jo - 2010-08-14

hmm does this mean we may see a pre release of it this weekend?

- XBMCG33K - 2010-08-14

Um absolutely not, my coding skills are lacking and in order for this to work I need some coding done.

Anyone notice how similar this is to something else yet?

- paul - 2010-08-15

Looks sweet, hope you find the help you need to complete this.Big Grin

- XBMCG33K - 2010-08-16

I have hidden the other 2 pieces of the original post image somewhere in the Xperience subforum. First to put all three pieces together and send it to me via pm, get's a sneak peek at what I have been up to Smile

Good luck ladies, and gents!

- YRUSirius - 2010-08-16

It's the NEW New Xbox Experience. Smile


- PsyberOne - 2010-08-16



- jerhui - 2010-08-16

Xperience is my favorite skin! I'm really looking forward to a new release! Smile

- XBMCG33K - 2010-08-16

What the final version looks like without the shade Smile


The rest of the skin is being matched to this style.

- paul - 2010-08-16

Looking good

- starcitysecrets - 2010-08-18

that's some sweet blur in the background too.

loving the new look, can't wait for this to drop!

- XBMCG33K - 2010-08-19

It might be a while, it seems I'm having a bit of trouble finding the original psd's ...

- ekim232 - 2010-09-22

Any news on if you are still heading forward on this. Been looking forward to the next version of the skin.