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- john.doe - 2010-09-21

18:54:08 T:3868 M:2516721664  NOTICE: Starting XBMC, Platform: Windows 7, 64-bit (WoW) build 7600. Built on Sep 13 2010 (SVN:33776, compiler 1500)
18:54:08 T:3868 M:2516721664  NOTICE: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E8400  @ 3.00GHz
18:54:08 T:3868 M:2516721664  NOTICE: Desktop Resolution: 2048x1152 32Bit at 60Hz
18:54:08 T:3868 M:2516721664  NOTICE: Running with restricted rights
18:55:03 T:3868 M:2492551168   DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 11 pressed, action is Select
18:55:03 T:3868 M:2492534784   DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (addons://sources/video/)
18:55:03 T:3868 M:2492534784   DEBUG:   ParentPath = []
18:55:03 T:3868 M:2492452864 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetLabel - Unknown nodetype requested 0
18:55:03 T:6024 M:2492428288   DEBUG: thread start, auto delete: 0
18:55:03 T:6024 M:2492350464   DEBUG: Thread 6024 terminating
18:55:04 T:3868 M:2491334656   DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 167 pressed, action is Down
18:55:06 T:3868 M:2491461632   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 2 times.
18:55:06 T:3868 M:2491461632   DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 11 pressed, action is Select

Thanks for the quick reply.

- ppic - 2010-09-21

you're not running the script!

- john.doe - 2010-09-21

So what do I do then other than click on it?

- ppic - 2010-09-21

your log show nothing like that

- john.doe - 2010-09-22

OnKey 11 to select Videos/Add-Ons, OnKey 167 two times down goes to Next Aired list entry, OnKey 11 to select. Nothing. That's what I read in the log and that's what happens on screen. I'll try to re-install the script, try to run it and post a fresh log.

- john.doe - 2010-09-22

When I reinstall via the XBMC GUI the script is shown as zero bytes and is recognised as an empty folder. Something's wrong.

Any chance you can provide a zip?

- ppic - 2010-09-22

yes, cause python init didn't start either, do you run other scripts?

- john.doe - 2010-09-22

Apple Movie Trailers lite & TED Talks, both working fine.

- ppic - 2010-09-23

sorry, i can't help you, from where are you launching it ?

- ppic - 2010-10-04

version 1.0.7 available on repo, things run really faster on my xbmc !

i've already a next version totally recoded wich keep data to not scan for data each time !

i'm testing it for pushing data for skinners.

- odt_x - 2010-10-05

great script! looking forward to import the data to tv show listing view on my skin Smile

- ppic - 2010-10-05

it will be soon Wink

- ppic - 2010-10-08

i've got a working version which include that :

-push next aired data info in skin.propeties.
-store data to not query each time it's launched.
-silent launch to only fetch data if needed then push data in skin.properties.
-rework a little the gui/xml part, change update button to parameters.
-ordered by next air date.

actually i'm working to check for today's aired show.

if there's any idea after that ?

- Targettio - 2010-10-08

Sounds great. In fact sounds so good that imo it should be included in the release version and the default skin should include the next aired date on all TV shows.

But until then, how would some one go about adding next air date to the default UI?

- ppic - 2010-10-08

are you talking about xbmc release version? i don't think this will be, but it's up to team xbmc if they want it.
inclusion in default skin --> same here.

sorry but i don't understand your last question.