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- matt11601 - 2004-12-07

i'm not sure how often cvs builds are put out but i don't compile them myself so is it possible for xbmc to check if a new cvs or final version of xbmc is out on startup. for me i have xbmc on 24/7 so it might be better if xbmc could check every x hours or every x days...maybe xbmc could write to a file the last time it checked and then go on from there. i don't know if a new cvs build should be checked for or a new final version, i guess that's up to you guys.

i searched the forums and find it hard that no one suggested this but i might have overlooked it so hopefully people like this suggestion.


- Asteron - 2004-12-07

the cvs gets updated nearly everyday.


there have been very few real 'milestones' like xbmc 1.0 and xbmc 1.1.0.

many of the releases you see out there are just cvs builds done once every 3 or so days. you would be better served i think just by regularly updating like once every 2 weeks or so.

- matt11601 - 2004-12-08

ohhh i didn't know there were new cvs's everyday....a script for updates would not be really needed then....thanks for the response