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- ^FrEaK^ - 2010-12-22 22:27

PasiZ Wrote:Anyone else noticed that on mysql used as datastorage, xbmc remote in android claims that movie database is empty (no matter linux or windows host)?

i can confirm this, movies is empty, but the strange thing is that shows work?? shouldn't this affect both?

I'm running XBMC 10.0

- chrissbu - 2010-12-26 15:01

Hi, guys...
I have this running fairly well, but I'm having a problem with updates to the library. I have the db running on my WHS box, with 3 clients all running XBMC 10.0. I've used an external media manager to get all of my files organized and pull posters and backgrounds, which is all done. But as per the guidelines I've read, I need to remove my video folders to get the library cleaned out, and then re-add.

So, I've removed the video folders as sources, but XBMC is still finding the videos (and not putting the updated info). I'm guessing that removing the source and refreshing the library is not clearing out the info from the MySQL database (I queried the "movies" table and there's quite a bit there, still). So, I need to figure out how to clear out the old movie data so that I can re-add the source and rebuild my movie library. Any suggestions?

- ^FrEaK^ - 2010-12-27 01:20

i had the same problem the first time.....i had to change the servers network name to get the library cleaned, but just temporarily changing the folder names should do the trick, and just rename them back afterwards and add as sources again

- ^FrEaK^ - 2010-12-27 01:22

i've gotten a new problem now, i have lost several "view modes" in the carmichael skin now because of the database, it works well on my friends computer, but not on any of my 3 computers sharing the same database

and yes, i've tried a fresh install of xbmc and i'm running XBMC 10.0

anyone else have this problem? it did use to work with the databases, and then one day it had just wanished....

- macshield - 2010-12-28 22:35

Hey Guys,

Anyone have an issue with the RandomItem script? I have this all set up and everything was running great for a while, then one day the RandomItem script just stop working. Anybody else run into this. I using XBMCLive Dharma 4.


- wicked_n_raw - 2011-01-01 21:03

Hey guys I am a newbie, I followed the steps that were laid out in this thread. One question... Are you all installing XBMC on WHS box? I have windows home server and 3 clients, but I can't get them to see each out.

By the way I run my server and a headless server, I do not have a keyboard, mouse or monitor connected to it. That is why I didn't see a need to install it on there. I am also using xbmc 10.0 on my clients.

thank you for your time,

No XBMC on WHS - czfj5r - 2011-01-02 01:27

Wicked n Raw,

You do not need to installl XBMC itself on teh WHS, only the MySQL and adding the thumbnails to WHS.

The reason for doing so is to have one central db so when you look at a movie in the living room, you can stop it and move into bedroom and resume it there. You also see what movies and shows have been looked at as well as you only update the library itself one time

XBMC is then the client that access the MySQL (running on WHS) to get teh library data info...

I hope this meets your question? Smile

- wicked_n_raw - 2011-01-02 05:16

Thank you czfj5r, I understand but what threw me for a loop was castortray's short instruction. He stated to use a different XML on the server and the client. If that is the case where am I putting the XML file on the server.

I am still having problems with getting this to work, but I am also learning alot about XBMC.


- wicked_n_raw - 2011-01-02 09:43

Ok I think I see my problem, but I do not know how to change it (first time dealing with mysql).

I checked the xbmc log and it says starting udp event server on

listening on port 9777 shouldn't this be my servers ip and port 3306 or whatever port I chosen during setup? If so how do I change it?

thank you in advance!

- ^FrEaK^ - 2011-01-02 11:49

have you placed the advancedsettings.xml under the roaming\xbmc folder and put your username/password and ip adress to the mysql server in that?

and remember, the sources need to be added with the exact same server ip adress and path on all computers running xbmc

- czfj5r - 2011-01-02 18:28

wicked n raw,

FrEaK is spot on with his info.
The port is set when you install the MySQL on the server

Attached is my version of the advanced setting that is under Roaming/XBMC/Userdata whioch comes from the suggestions in the forums mainly.

I hope it might help



ERROR: SQL: Undefined MySQL error: Code (1062) - rcoops - 2011-01-02 20:24

Ok here we go.

The Dharma release, CHECK
The latest and greatest MySQL, CHECK
The instructions followed to the letter, CHECK

The result, no way to switch on the library mode when I add sources manually, no more then 1 show imported for every season of every TV show I have in my exported library. And always the same error...
PHP Code:
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   DEBUGMysql Start transaction
:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   DEBUGMysql executeinsert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','','')
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   ERRORSQLUndefined MySQL errorCode (1062)
Queryinsert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','','')
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   ERRORCVideoDatabase::AddPath unable to addpath (insert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','',''))
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   DEBUGMysql commit transaction
:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   DEBUGMysql executeinsert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','','')
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   ERRORSQLUndefined MySQL errorCode (1062)
Queryinsert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','','')
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913674240   ERRORCVideoDatabase::AddPath unable to addpath (insert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','',''))
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913584128   DEBUGVideoInfoScannerAdding new item to tvshows:F:\Media Library\Video\TV\Prison break\S04\Prison break - S04E04 (HDTV).mkv
:22:34 T:2488 M:913584128   DEBUGMysql executeinsert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','','')
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913584128   ERRORSQLUndefined MySQL errorCode (1062)
Queryinsert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','','')
16:22:34 T:2488 M:913580032   ERRORCVideoDatabase::AddPath unable to addpath (insert into path (idPathstrPathstrContentstrScrapervalues (NULL,'F:\\Media Library\\Video\\TV\\Prison break\\S04\\','','')) 

The setup is of course a test one on the local machine (Win7 x64) because it makes no sense to mess around with a remote system so MySQL listens to on the default port which is exactly what I wanted it to do. As I said the first episode of every season is added so into the library and shows up in the DB as it should the rest though seems to fail I suspect because of the NULL for the path ID but I don't know why XBMC would do a thing like that...

- wicked_n_raw - 2011-01-02 20:49

^FrEaK^ Wrote:have you placed the advancedsettings.xml under the roaming\xbmc folder and put your username/password and ip adress to the mysql server in that?

and remember, the sources need to be added with the exact same server ip adress and path on all computers running xbmc

^FrEaK^ and czfj5r that is exactly how my advancedsettings.xml is setup with my ip and port of course.

rcoops, So you are saying that it is ok for it to listen on the ip?


- wicked_n_raw - 2011-01-03 05:58

Ok I got it working, Thank you all!!!!


- tboooe - 2011-01-03 06:18

wicked_n_raw Wrote:Ok I got it working, Thank you all!!!!


Can you please let us know what you had to do to make it work? I am planning on doing this as well and would appreciate as much insight as I can get!