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- grywnn - 2010-10-19

New screenshots available in the original post.

- jeromem75 - 2010-10-19

Stop teasing.... ;-)

- smil3y - 2010-10-19

This is great. I'm really looking forward to a release date. Keep on the good work!

- thebodster - 2010-10-20


Fellow iOS developer here. I started my iPad Remote application yesterday but I might as well stop now! This looks very good. My iPad is ready to test as soon as you have a version that you are happy with. PM me for DeviceID as soon as Smile


Let the fun begin! - grywnn - 2010-10-20


anyone willing to test this app send me a pm with your device id (what's that?) and your email address.

- the app requires dharma, the higher the number behind the "beta" the better
- it's english only at the moment (i start working on internationalization tomorrow)
- it should be pretty stable... but its the small bugs that are the most annoying. Thats what i need testers for.
- your ipad might explode, burn down your home, eat your children - i guarantee for nothing Wink

otherwise it should be pretty self explaining.

- Cheeshead - 2010-10-20

pm sent Wink looking forward to replacing all the buggy remote apps i use now!

- jatilq - 2010-10-20

PM sent. Looking forward to this for a while!

- brownstein - 2010-10-20

PM sent as well. Thanks grywnn!

- Jeff Flowerday - 2010-10-20

PM sent.

- garg24 - 2010-10-20

PM also sent ;-)

- grywnn - 2010-10-20

Bad timing folks Oo

The apple developer center is offline (keynote...) so i cant add your device ids to the projects provisioning profile right now.
I'll try again tomorrow morning (its evening right now here in germany)

Thanks in advance for your interest!
...and dont kill me if the app crashes (it shouldn't, but i'd be surprised if it doesn't ever). Thats what beta testing is for!

- brownstein - 2010-10-20

No worries, I have been watching the event. Might have to upgrade iLife and the mac app store will be interesting.

- Cheeshead - 2010-10-20

every other remote app crashes, so it'll be status quo! LOL...but maybe we can help make one that works!

Beta Testing - jeromem75 - 2010-10-20

PM sent Rolleyes

- GinSoakedBoy - 2010-10-20

PM also sent, I'm very excited about this app.