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Help with fanart view - Cartman255 - 2010-09-18


Can i just say this is a fabulous skin and i apprieciate all the hard work gone into its creation.

just have one problem thats really bugging me

in the views for fanart , and landscape etc.. in the tv section is there a way to show the logos, but for shows that i have no logos just show the name rather than the annoying No Logo Icon. i only ask this because you cant see which show it is untill you actually select it

Please help! Oo

- zwat - 2010-09-18

instead of no logo icon you want the text? could possible be done but would look like shit. you need to change the code and add some scrolling to the text. search other views for the ../logo code and work with that.

- psike - 2010-09-18

I think i also asked this once but mcborzu said that xbmc don't support fallback to text in this view.

- Ram2000 - 2010-09-18

You could just Make your Own text Logo.png Thats what I have done for a few of mine.

- zwat - 2010-09-18

hmm not a fallback to text but show logo and if logo is emty show text. i have no idea if it works tho. it's just how it's done on season\episode level of the fanart landscape view.