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- elitegamer360 - 2011-01-14

Teepee Wrote:Hi EG,

Yup - read the whooole thread from the first post last night - always do. Read the development and saw how a similar sounding problem was reported as a bug early on and then fixed in a later release (Win7 64bit thing - should have put that's what i'm running in my earlier post) - so my question is as it was earlier. My official remote does the basic functions. I've installed MCEremote to get the other buttons working but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Sounds like prizm4 and I are both getting the same problem.

If anyone can help it'd be really appreciated!

Ok, Teepee you seem to think that there is something wrong with the add-on because it gives you basic functionality in Win7 x64 and you think its a bug. Well let me tell you that the Addon just gives you basic functionality for a purpose and that's to make your remote compatible with WMCE as well. So you will be able to control Both, hence the basic functionality.

Now if you are not happy about that and do not care about WMCE then you can program your remote buttons to do whatever you want using the addon.

But if you still not happy, or can't be asked to reprogram your remote buttons or simply do not know how to do it. Then check my sig it has a link to my site and thread.

My site has a detailed instruction for noobs, it consist of exclusive complete XBMC remote setup that configures all your Remote buttons to do something in XBMC, that's what I call "Full XBMC experience". Visit my site to download preset setup files that will take care of everything for you so you do not have to.

But before you try that tell me what remote you are using? Check my site Remote setup page has everything you need to know if your remote is compatible or not.


- Teepee - 2011-01-14

Hi EG - thanks for the quick response. This is what I'm doing:

Win7 64 bit
Standard issue grey Microsoft Win MCE RC6 remote http://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Remote-Control-Receiver-Windows/dp/B0007SQH3E
Completely disabled the hulking beast that is MCE
Installed XBMC dharma (loving it)
*without* touching MCE remote I can use play and pause, direction buttons, OK and 'clear' and that's it - that's actually 'okay' but I miss one click to "recorded TV" etc
Installed MCE remote (once as normal and once as Admin) as it sounds like it should instantly (?) enable all those other functions that I'm used to with MCE.
Enabled and configured then restarted and there's no difference.

From earlier on in the thread there was mention of Win7 behaving differently. Quite happy to do any additional stuff and will check out your guides (thanks for that) but does what I've outlined above sound right to you? From the rest of the thread it sounds like you just install the addon and you're good to go - hence my question. If my expectations are way off then cool - just need to know so I can move on!


- elitegamer360 - 2011-01-14

Have you disabled Windows UAC, it tends to mess things up and stop you from making good changes to your system that you know it's safe. If you haven't disabled uac control yet, do yourself a favour and Disable it.

I am not a WMCE user and opened it just ones or twice just for testing sake.

Use showkey.exe and press the Record button you should findout that it sends Ctrl-O if it sends something other than that after disabling UAC and applying the addon registry settings and restarting then you might have aproblem.

See here all MCE keyboard shortcuts.

Edit: if I am not wrong the Record button in the Addon Reg should send Ctrl-O but that in WMCE will take you to the Recordings folder. In WMCE TV show recording is actually triggered by Ctrl-R. If you want to use WMCE then do not follow my site setup it does not support WMCE it's intended for perfect XBMC control and not the otherway round.


- Teepee - 2011-01-14

Hi EG,

Really appreciate your guidance - tried disabling UAC (good thought!) but still no change. Strangest thing.

Will follow up with showkey.exe and your webpages (which are awesome btw) tomorrow. So - just for my piece of mind - MCERemote *isn't* working for me right? What I *think* should happen isn't happen?

Anyway - thanks again and goodnight - Round 2 tomorrow.

- Teepee - 2011-01-16

Hi EG,

I couldn't get MCERemote to work for me in the end but your stuff worked a treat - thank you! Managed to get *almost* all my buttons working as I'd like but one final question from me I think. I'd like to program my Recorded TV button to take my to my Videos/Files menu (i don't use the Library for tv) from wherever i am in XBMC - i had a go but must be doing something wrong. This is what I added under Global:

<o>ActivateWindow(video)(Key, o, 3)</o> <!-- should start video menu -->

Am i *way* off?!


- elitegamer360 - 2011-01-16

No Problem Teepee Smile

The command should look like this:


this will take you to your video's window.

Check my remapping Tutorial for n00bs page, explains how to do this stuff in detail and has links to all xbmc actions that you might need.


- sajberman - 2011-01-19

I want to close xbmc at power off (suspend) and restart xbmc at wakeup. I have read in many threads that eventghost is the program to use.
Is it posible to use eventghost and mceremote plugin at the same time. I only want to use eventghost for the suspend/wakeup task.

And can someone point me to a guide to setup eventghost for the above tasks because i dont really understand how to configure it.

- nakima - 2011-02-09

sajberman Wrote:I want to close xbmc at power off (suspend) and restart xbmc at wakeup. I have read in many threads that eventghost is the program to use.
Is it posible to use eventghost and mceremote plugin at the same time. I only want to use eventghost for the suspend/wakeup task.

And can someone point me to a guide to setup eventghost for the above tasks because i dont really understand how to configure it.

I would just leave xbmc running. It works without me doing anything extra... power button sleeps/resumes machine, and I can just leave xbmc running.

http://www.eventghost.org/wiki/Short%20Manual Is the url for event ghost. But imho the xbmc mce remote addon is the perfect solution for windows systems and green button remotes - eventghost will quickly become complex. Keep up the great work!

- boognish43 - 2011-02-25

Love the addon! thanks for doing this for us!
One weird thing though.. i had it all setup and restarted the computer a few times to make sure it stuck. I unplugged the comp and brought it to a friends house and its like I didnt use the plugin at all.It doesnt recognize the buttons correctly. After I ran it again and restarted all is fine.
any ideas why this would have happened?

- silentbob343 - 2011-02-27

jhsrennie Wrote:Your handset should now be sending ctrl-shift-W when you press the green Windows button. Right click the XBMC shortcut in the Startup menu, select properties and click in the "Shortcut Key" field. Now press the green button and you should see ctrl-shift-W appear. Click OK. Now the green button will start XBMC and it will restore XBMC if it's minimised.

To change/add functions to buttons you need a custom keyboard.xml. Look in %appdata%\xbmc\addons\plugin.script.mceremote and doubling click in the resources folder then the Data folder. Run the batch file CopyKeyboardDotXML.bat and it will create a template keyboard.xml. Run:

notepad %appdata%\xbmc\userdata\keymaps\keyboard.xml

to edit the file in Notepad.

XBMC has millions of actions, and it's not always obvious what action you need. If you have specific requirements post them here and I'll give you the changes you need to your keyboard.xml. You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly :-)

Once I installed the launcher I needed to set the shortcut, crtl-shift-w, for eshell.exe as that is what the launcher is targeting. It works perfectly now, starts XBMC and restores it.

Before I had crtl-shift-w as the shortcut for XBMC.exe and it would sometimes launch and kind of restore, but very hit or miss.

Now I just need to get the context menu working and I can ditch the phone as a controller.


Would your xml/reg edit work with the above green button method?

- ghostelement - 2011-04-08

This isn't working for me anymore on my new xbmc build. Anyone else having problems?

- Beldis - 2011-04-15

Your plugin is awesome thanks to it I can use XBMC to play anything and WMC to watch/record TV with only one remote.

But I have the same problem as loggio. I have an HP mce remote with a play/pause button. Before installed your plugin it works as a standard play button. After using your plugin each time I press that button mce launches with a blank screen like trying to play something.

It doesn't matter if I set keys to that button or i if I set that button to "mce" allways starts mce. I tried Showkeys but seems like it starts mce before showkeys do anything.

The remote is this one:
I use that remote in an Asus S1 HTPC (ION2) with its own receiver and the drivers that comes with Windows 7 64bits.

Also I have another question, that remote has two buttons that don't do anything:
How can I map it?


loggio Wrote:Jhsrennie: I have a HP mce remote. The remote uses ehome drivers. Only, unlike most mce remotes, my remotes "play" and "pause" buttons are combined as one button. The button says >/II your mce remote plugin does not cater for this. All other buttons get mapped the way they should be... Only after installing your plugin after I push my play pause button mce launches.

I'm unsure what command it's sending by default. I can use the ShowKey app to see and I'll let you know... Maybe you could fix this?

- Beldis - 2011-04-15

The play/pause key mapping was solved.
I exported the registry keys of my current remote configuration (made with your plugin) and I edited it and added at the end the values mentioned in the xmbc wiki for the play/pause button:

The info at: http://xbmccustomregis.sourceforge.net/remote.html gave me the clue.

It seems that in my case your plugin removed that entry from my windows registry.

I'm still trying to figure how to map the buttons I described (with a picture) in my above post.


- StarChild - 2011-04-21

Whats the difference between Windows default and MCE default?

- rjonesdj - 2011-05-24

Hi, new to the forums
Using the addon to control my xmbc, all working well but was wondering how i would go about using context menus?? can it be done using the remote, every button ive tried doesnt seem to work.

what id like to be able to do is access the context menu of an entire series of a tv show, and the use the play function (to play the whole series sequentially). This can be done by right clicking the series and the choosing play, but is there a way of getting the same result using a mce remote??

any suggestions are very welcome. and apologies if this is in wrong thread or anything like that! like i said, im new! Smile