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Comparison of skin features - pred - 2010-09-22

Since i run the first Dharma Beta, i started using new skins that are available in the addon repository. I discovered new features like the tv show logo and clear art.

Now i tried to find out which skin supports which feature.
But this was very difficult, because this information are hidden in many, many loooooong threads and i though this must be collected at a central point, the xbmc-wiki.

I created this page which need to get completed http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Comparison_of_skin_features.

So please help out and add the skins with its supported features.
Of course columns with other useful features can be added.

If features still have problems, are only partly supported or other things, put a note on it.

- mcborzu - 2010-09-23

Maybe also add custom Home/submenu items and Conditional Fanart. Anyways pretty informational list you got going...

- igotdvds - 2010-09-25

Shade has CD ART and Weather Conditions Fanart.

Also, Custom script and program buttons on Home Screen.

Kiosk Mode - Palalisimo - 2010-09-27

I think it will be very useful if you add a

Kiosk Mode

to the features supported by each skin, is something lots of people mau want to know and use

- GlennK - 2010-09-27

Great work!

Seen several posts on TV Show Banner vs Poster support.


- pred - 2010-10-07

i split the feature 'extra Fanart' into Movies, TV Shows and Music. Please add that too.

The features of this Table should be of the stable Skin Version in the Addon Repository, now the svn. Or what do you think?

- Decrux - 2010-10-09

Good work on this. Something like this has been needed for a long time. I would also like to see what type of television images are supported (banner, poster, wide).

Green 'yes' should be repo version. Things available in svn or through a mod should be yellow with the text explaining (and with a link in the case of mod).

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-10-09

that's a great list, keep it up.

Regarding Aeon: There are several versions/mods with several options, though not sure it they should be all mentioned.

Example: Aeon MQ supports custom sub-menus, but Aeon65 don't, and so on..

- pred - 2010-10-18

I added Aeon65 and Aeon MQ 2. Please fill the features.
Is there a working Mainversion of Aeon or shall that one be removed from the table?

I though about adding that tv show thumbs and season thumbs hosted on http://www.xbmcstuff.com.

suggestion for addition - fredphoesh - 2010-12-04


Thanks for the chart...

The reason I'm here is to see which skins provide a PATH by pressing i.

I prefer the look of shade to transparency, but shade does not have a file path when you press i. Also, the comment field in the track info window does not have up and down arrows, so if the text is more than three lines, it is just truncated.

It would be good to have a lot more columns, Im sure there are dozens of other features which could be added. Unfortunately HTML code is not my thing, so it would have to be someone else who adds the columns.


- Hjord - 2010-12-04

Looking great!
Definitely something that would be usefull.
Maybe add Banner for TV Show?

Comparison of Skin Features - Helpful List - osirisjem - 2011-01-02


Love this list.
Newbies could probably understand the implications of these features if they had a YouTube Video or a JING screenshot video explaining what the features are.

Cirrus Extended - butchabay - 2011-02-28

EDIT: Added Cirrus Extended to the List.

- igotdvds - 2011-02-28

butchabay Wrote:EDIT: Added Cirrus Extended to the List.

Can you add Simplicity?

- ppic - 2011-02-28

igotdvds Wrote:Can you add Simplicity?

you can do it.

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