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- Bobby Blixberg - 2011-02-17

MKay Wrote:lol, the idea with the "//" was totally absurd. Instead try to replace the line
this.detectThumbTypes(initContainer, callback);


Yeah, that's it! Nod

Thanks very much again.

- MKay - 2011-02-17

It works? I think, i found the error: missing "callback();" between line 193 and 194.

- Bobby Blixberg - 2011-02-17

No need to look for more errors Wink

Yes, it works.

- Livin - 2011-02-24

I found a bug...

when the screensaver comes on and you use AWX to start a video, the video/audio starts but the screen saver does not turn off. This only happens with your UI, the default web UI works as expected. I'm not sure if this is a bug in your code or XBMC. I have entered a TRAC bug but I suspect the devs may say your code is the issue. Can you test? (I usually use slide show screen saver).

- MKay - 2011-02-24

The default UI uses another method to start playing eg a movie.
I will check out if i can use this method too without breaking AWX Smile

- dondre - 2011-02-26

Hey man, awesome work, sorry to bump up an old topic, but do you think it will be doable to add a "play/pause" button in this web interface? I can't find the pause function and this is really missing!


- Bobby Blixberg - 2011-02-26



- dondre - 2011-02-26

Jeeez I feel dumb! Thanks bro, I guess I did not see at first it's a shared button for pause play button. Thanks!

I have another question/request which makes more sense,

I'm using this interface a lot for playing series/episodes which works great, here is a view of my tv series listed in the web interface:


Unfortunately when clicking on "seasons" on a tv serie it won't show the posters of the seasons but just a list;


Would it be possible to show the serie seasons posters the same way you are showing the series ?

Also what would be marvelous is if you have a way of sorting the content by dropping the "the" e.g. "the 4400" would be sorted at "4400" instead of "The xxx" if you get what I mean?

Thanks for the great work! Just my 2 cents Smile

- MKay - 2011-03-01

What browser and which browser version do you use?
Normally the Texts like "Music" and "Video" in the menu and the text for the seasons are not white. Huh

Maybe i will implement poster/banner-view for seasons as well if the json-api supports it.

Sorting is, once again Tongue, an json-api-issue. Sorting is done by the API. But maybe i can use workarounds Wink

- Livin - 2011-03-03

MKay - any release coming soon?

- tefnut - 2011-03-06

Dunno if someone else has the same problem
I'm very new to xbmc ...

i can seee this interface but when i play a movie it starts on the system but theweb interface is black. nothing shows...
tried with ff and chrome

- Bobby Blixberg - 2011-03-06

It's not a problem, but normal behaviour because AWX is meant to control XBMC on the target device, but not for streaming to your desktop.
You can play the movies with VLC player.

- EddyGurge - 2011-03-11

First, the app works great, much better than the default.

Now, I hope this isn't a stupid question, but is there any way to do the equivalent of an ok/play once the DVD menu comes up on the TV? Or any way to change selections from the menu?

Also, I have a number of movies grouped into moviesets, and they don't seem to be showing up at all.

Otherwise, this seems perfect, and well on the way to getting my wife to actually use it!

Is there a way to add support for Playlists, Favorites and Addons? - VlatkoB - 2011-03-11


I'm using your web interface to control XBMC machine in another room, but I'm missing some features.

Is it possible to access XBMC's Playlists, Favorites and Music Addons (using them for streaming radio stations)?

I do not know if XBMC even exposes such methods.

- Hjord - 2011-03-13

Remove song from playlist, says it is'nt supported by the XBMC API - why is it there?