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- psike - 2010-11-03

Don't worry, we still working on it.
Only problem is you already got all the cool screenshots, so there nothing new to post.

- Griffith86 - 2010-11-04

Yeah, we haven't stopped working on it, I have just been busy the last few days. Hopefully, we can get back to working on it some more this week / weekend.

- MindTooth - 2010-11-05

Really nice.. Loving the less is more philosophy Big Grin

- Griffith86 - 2010-11-12

Some updates on what we've been working on.


OSD Controls

TV Show - Newest Episode (when you press up it will show the newest episodes)


Settings Menus

- Amelandbor - 2010-11-12

Looks great!

- Reginald - 2010-11-15

Fantastic in it's simplicity!

- Amelandbor - 2010-11-29

Could you post a progress update??

I'm really looking forward to this skin!

- buzz_kill - 2010-11-29

yeah hows it comin?

- Stranger - 2010-11-29

buzz_kill Wrote:yeah hows it comin?

Pretty good apparently...


- MindTooth - 2010-11-29

Sweet Wink Seems to work flawlessly.

- psike - 2010-11-30

Man i thought i made this video private.
Yeah, still working on it. I guess it's save me from uploading new video for you.
Enjoy Smile

- Webbeh - 2010-11-30

Keep it up, looks amazing.

- ZombieRobot - 2010-11-30

yeah looks cool nice work on the dream scene

- Aenima99x - 2010-12-08

Any progress updates?

- Griffith86 - 2010-12-08

I've been busy the last few weeks with a few new clients so it's taken up a good bit of my time. Once I get all of them out of the way we should be able to get the skin polished up.