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Play & Pause Glitchy - Scottbee - 2010-10-19

Pausing in a video is fine, but when you press play afterward it fast forwards the video about 2-3 seconds, it's a little annoying. Is it just mine? Or is this a problem with this build?

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Theme: Night build - 1.4.7
OS: Windows 7 Pro - Updated
XBMC: Latest Beta 3 Release

- mcborzu - 2010-10-19

I just noticed this. I tried 6 or so different skins and I noticed it in every skin. Best to test with a dialogue scene rather than a fast moving action scene as it is more noticable....Log, if it helps, is me play/pausing 6 times.
I'm on W7 - Beta 3


**Moved thread as I noticed it in all other skins***

- snowdrift - 2010-10-19

I've also noticed this happening (on a Mac Mini, OSX 10.6.4, dharma beta 3) and to be honest I just put it down to the video stream re-syncing on returning to playback from pause (I can't remember whether it also used to happen in beta 2). Playback is smooth otherwise, so its hard to tell whether this is a problem or an unavoidable feature.

- Galefury - 2010-10-19

I think is related with this thread.