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A quick question regarding tv sub menu favorites - KOROR - 2010-10-25


I've created a TV Show submenu (easy to use and cool feature by the way) for my danish TV Shows, which I have in their own folder.
My problem is that I do not have any logos for the danish TV Shows and having all these NO LOGO tv shows appearing in the TV Show menu (logo view) doesn't look good.
So is there a way to have XBMC display these in the submenu without setting the content as TV Show, cause when I set the content as a tv show, all the shows automatically gets displayed with the rest of my tv shows?

I hope what I wrote makes sense :-)

- Flomaster - 2010-10-25

can you change the view that its using for your submenu Tv shows to some thing that doesn't use "logos"


- KOROR - 2010-10-25

The problem is that XBMC does not recognize the content of the "Danish TV" folder unless I set the content as TV Show and the moment I do that XBMC displays the content along with all the other TV Shows, so I guess what I need is for XBMC somehow to disregard the "Danish TV" folder for the standard view.
I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, kinda hard to explain.

Gonna go to bed now, will check for answers tomorrow.

- mcborzu - 2010-10-25

You could also create 2 playlists:

1. All TV but danish
2. Danish stuff
3. Then hide the regular TV main menu item

You'll lose submenus but it'll work, thus creating 2 TV libraries...

- KOROR - 2010-10-26

Sounds like a good idea, how would I do this?
Would the Playlists have to be updated manually each time I add new shows/episodes, or would it work like now where XBMC updates it automatically?

- isamu.dragon - 2010-10-26

KOROR Wrote:Sounds like a good idea, how would I do this?
Would the Playlists have to be updated manually each time I add new shows/episodes, or would it work like now where XBMC updates it automatically?

no create a SMART PLAYLIST and it will update automatically.

- KOROR - 2010-10-26

I see, is there a guide for creating a smart playlist, I found where I can create/name a playlist, but not sure how to add folders to it?

- zwat - 2010-10-26

why not try to make the danish logos urself? i did that to my norwegian shows.

- KOROR - 2010-10-27

I would actually love to do that, but I have no experience using image tools and I would have a hard time finding time for it in the nearest future.

Which image tool did you use?

Also would still love if you could link to a guide for creating a smart playlist :-)

- zwat - 2010-10-27

i use photoshop. could also do gimp if u don't want to pay for license. what i do is find a good image with the logo and remove everything around it.

- SlickRed - 2010-10-30


To create a new smart playlist go to TV Shows, then click on the back button (..). Do not use back space. Do this twice and you will come to a list, at the bottom of which you should see New smart playlist.

Change the type to TV and name the playlist DanishTv or something.

Under "find items where" you want to create a rule that says (Path) (Is) (path to your danish tv shows).

Its also a good idea to set your ordering to by title.

Once you have saved your playlist you can go to Settings > Skin > Custom Home.

Go down to Custom Playlist 1, name it Danish TV and select the smart play list you have just created.

You now need to create another smart playlist for the rest of your TV library.
This time your rule should say (Path) (Is Not) (path to your Danish tv shows).

Go to the Custom Home menu again and set this new play list as TV Shows.

Don't forget to go to Settings > Skin > Home Window and hide the TV Shows item from there.

You should now have, on your main menu, an item for your entire TV library excluding Danish TV, and another which will display exclusively your Danish TV.

Hope this helps,
Good Luck!

- KOROR - 2010-11-01

@SlickRed: Sweet, I will try this one of the next days and report back :-)

- KOROR - 2010-11-01

Hi Slick, I did like you explained, but now I get this "error" when I try opening one of the new menus/playlists from the homepage.

Also how do I remove/reset a submenu?


- SlickRed - 2010-11-07

Hi Koror,

It looks like your Smart Playlist is returning 0 results.
I'm assuming that screenshot you posted appears when you click on Danish TV from the main menu?

If thats the case, make sure your Smart Playlist Rule looks something like this:


This folder must contain all of your Danish TV and nothing else.

Then, go to Settings > Skin > Custom Home Menu and make sure it looks like this:


On the screenshot above you can see a menu item on the left called "Custom Submenus". Check in there for getting rid of submenus. If that isn't what you are looking for can you be a bit more specific, e.g what submenus are you trying to delete/modify?


- KOROR - 2010-11-07

I got it working, thank you for your help :-)