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XBMC official Git repository on GitHub (Team-XBMC's primary/head repo on github.com) - amejia - 2010-10-31

Please note, the new official location for the git repository in github is now located at

- MindTooth - 2010-12-10

Why no real announcement of this?

- jmarshall - 2010-12-12

See the homepage. When the git repo is finalized it'll be announced - we're currently splitting things up so it's faster to clone (no need for ancient history for most devs) while still allowing full history if you want it.

- outleradam - 2010-12-18


You guys are doing great work here. I like this layout, we can now see who's doing what in their own areas. Looking forward to Spiff's repo being merged in. Also, opdenkamp is doing some really interesting stuff.

I hope between the brainpower of spiff, margro, opdenkamp and the rest of the team, we can get PVR branch working as an addon soon. I see the rest of you devs in there too. Good work TopFS, Elupus, Davilla, Spiff and all the rest. Thank you all for your dedication to the project. I'm looking forward to having Dharma run on my media center to keep my wife happy.

I'm not really familiar with the setup on github, is there a way I can apply to be a bitch or something? I'd like to be alerted when changes are made to PVR-refactor.

Do we have a dedicated spot for feedback on GIT testing, or do we just use the forums?

Beginner git user's question - jhsrennie - 2011-01-06

Is there a HowTo that describes how I make changes to the XBMC repository? I'm familiar with SVN but I don't really understand how GIT works so I don't know what the git equivalent of "svn commit" is or how it works.

Do the svn username and password I had work with git, or do i need to request a new account?


- darkscout - 2011-01-06

git commit.


- Montellese - 2011-01-06

I learned git from this book (online version available for free): http://www.progit.org. There is no direct equivalent to "svn commit" because git differs between offline repositories and remote (online) repositories. You can commit to an offline repository using "git commit" (but you need to tell git first which files you want to commit with "git add"). Then when you think you're stuff is ready to go online you can use "git push" to push all your commits to the remote repository.

Can't help you on the username password thingy but I guess you'll need to get a github account.

- stoli - 2011-01-06

for some reason http://www.progit.org doesn't work, you have to use just http://progit.org

- Montellese - 2011-01-06

stoli Wrote:for some reason http://www.progit.org doesn't work, you have to use just http://progit.org

Thanks for the fix. I copied the URL and thought I'd make it look a bit prettier. Confused

- Montellese - 2011-01-06

Has anybody who had a fork on GitHub from the old xbmc tree already moved to a fork of the new xbmc tree? I tried to use the "Fork" button on the new XBMC tree "xbmc/xbmc" (the old one being "xbmc/xbmc-antiquated") but it just forwards me to my already existing fork of "xbmc/xbmc-antiquated". What is the best way to get a new fork and being able to move all custom commits from the old fork to the new one? I thought of doing a git rebase (never used it before though) but I can't even get a new fork...

- darkscout - 2011-01-06

git branch?

- Montellese - 2011-01-06

darkscout Wrote:git branch?

As far as I understand a "fork" on GitHub is not the same as a branch but I'm not 100% sure about the details and the differences.

- h.udo - 2011-01-06

Maybe dushmaniac can input some advice on this.

He 'created' a Dharma git and applied pvr branch patches on it and then he did it again a few days ago because of the main XBMC git cleanup/reborn/spawn.

It should be fairly easy, after one knows how it's done. Wink

I'm still learning git pull/push/rebase...


- opdenkamp - 2011-01-07

you'll have to rename your previous fork first to anything other than "xbmc". then you'll have to create a new fork.

move or delete your earlier checked out sources and git clone your newly created fork.
if you had patches earlier, apply them again (hint: git format-patch & git am).

push it to your repo (origin/master) and your done.

- FireMan - 2011-01-07

Unable to clone xbmc from github. This was after 1,2gb of download:

error: Unable to get pack file https://github.com/network/1217614.git//objects/pack/pack-44af50677486fc0f0996353d3ddf7ffd34d8ddb8.pack
Peer closed the TLS connection
error: Unable to find 6681c4cdfcc30ab9eacf7a8517d753bcdddcb871 under https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc.git
Cannot obtain needed object 6681c4cdfcc30ab9eacf7a8517d753bcdddcb871
while processing commit 1d81efd4dc0a589cefbbbf054fedec845fd6b401.
fatal: Fetch failed.