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- Rocky5 - 2010-12-08

Your focused buttons for keyboard and other dialogues aren't very good, (don't fit the skin) so I made some that do. hope you don't mind
Image Image

just my 2 cent, as I use this as my default skin now.

You need to make the scanning dialogues dynamic so they don't overlap each other.

you should add a "!System.IdleTime" of say 20 seconds to the the little panel thingamajigs so they fade out and we can see the background more.

here you can see it in this video I also moved the home panels down to the bottom. (only when media isn't playing)


- loggio - 2010-12-17

Hey Jezz,

How's the progress coming?

- Jezz_X - 2010-12-17

been distracted with mc360 remake :\

- loggio - 2010-12-18

oh i see ... That's a shame :-P lol

- iainmacleod - 2010-12-22

Looks really interesting. Kinda reminds me of refocus... kinda

- Converter - 2010-12-28

looks awesome i see your australian Smile

- Mindzai - 2010-12-31

I like it Smile Any chance we could have the posters view for tv shows as well as movies please?

- Jezz_X - 2010-12-31

Mindzai Wrote:I like it Smile Any chance we could have the posters view for tv shows as well as movies please?

Sure done if you want to do it yourself before the next official version this is the change https://code.google.com/p/jezzxbmc/source/diff?spec=svn279&r=279&format=side&path=/trunk/skin.SLik/720p/ViewsVideoLibrary.xml

the green bit is the new one red is old just copy paste the whole line over the old one

- KymyA - 2010-12-31

Good Skin... truly.
I have downloaded and uploaded on my X the revision 247 and i have noticed that, in MusicVisualization.xml, no infos about the song (like album, progressbar, etc..etc..) are displayed on screen. Now, looking the new screenshots, i have downloaded this revision and i must try it. I have also added the tvshow logo for the Series Views...

- xbs08 - 2011-01-02

If your using xbmc4xbox try the xbox port

- loggio - 2011-01-13

Jezz, you haven't given up on this one have you? :-P

- Jezz_X - 2011-01-13

nah just taken a break from it doing jx720 and christmas/newyears stuff

- bandelguy - 2011-01-14

Dear Jezz,
How do I include studio icons in the skin?

- Jezz_X - 2011-01-15

short answer unless you code it in yourself you can't

- rflores2323 - 2011-01-24

how is this skin coming? I have installed on my atv2 and it works really welll and smooth. Are you going to keep developing it? Also for some reason my weather icons do not show up.

Great skin. can you maybe integrate the cinema experience addon into the skin? Thanks again!

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