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- Jezz_X - 2010-11-05

ZombieRobot Wrote:Any X Factor (Mediaportal skin) influence for the home screen jezz X Wink i think this skin has a lot of potential

I honestly have no idea what you mean never looked at media portal so its purely luck if it is

- ZombieRobot - 2010-11-05

Jezz_X Wrote:I honestly have no idea what you mean never looked at media portal so its purely luck if it is

yeah i thought it may have been my bad


- xbs08 - 2010-11-05

Can't seem to find these images in SVN !?!


- Thomss - 2010-11-05

Really like this!
Thank you.

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-06

Nice skin....
Will check it out.

- Jezz_X - 2010-11-06

xbs08 thats because I deleted them playercontrols.xml is one of those not done / unfinished dialogs so has old stuff that doesn't exist anymore

- paul - 2010-11-06

Lovely skin your best yet, I tend to use list views in most skins and would really like to see a large poster and remove the pointless small poster thumb from the list other than that it's really good. I can see this being the next default skin

- Unitydisconnect - 2010-11-06

Looks fantastic. I love the clean and simply look but still crisp. Downloading tomorrow Smile

- joebrady - 2010-11-06

Haven't got to try it out yet, but I'm liking what I see going on in the Visualizations Nod will cdart be there in the end?

- ubuntuf4n - 2010-11-06

Checked your skin:

It is very fast and intuitive.
The Banner-View (for TVShows) is great and also the way how the backdrops are implemented (with the dark filter) is very nice.

So far the whole skin looks very cool.


- bandelguy - 2010-11-07

The skin looks great and true to its name. It has the feel of Vision skin, which I used last year for sometime. As this is currently a WIP, however, I feel to request you for keeping provisions of adding studios...which you previously rejected (in respect of Confluence). However, many skins like Aeon, Alaska, Transparency, etc...have studio icons and network icons. I humbly request you to provide atleast the provisions of adding "studio flags" from user end.

- Jezz_X - 2010-11-07

Studio icons are 25mb that's 5 times the size of the skin when they are addons and a separate download ill look into it

- Sharpe - 2010-11-07

Yes there was some talk of having all the studio icons in one place as an Add-on so that all skins could draw from the same source and not have a big folder full of the same icons with every skin.

I think that would be a good idea personally - the size thing is the same reason we don't include the icons with our skin on the repo.

- Hitcher - 2010-11-07

On the subject of these future skinning changes, when and where should we be discussing them?

- The-Boxhead - 2010-11-07

Jezz big ups ! Love the style of your new skin. Very elegant and well... slick Smile

I can see for my self that this could be my new default skin. Good job
and looking forward to the official version Smile

Would love to do some custom themes for this one, do you accept that ?


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