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- Jezz_X - 2010-12-02


Feedback on changes welcome Smile


Changes - Top is newest, Bottom is oldest
Quote:Version 0.0.3

- Added "Buffering.. %" text to the top bar so you don't just think your video randomly paused
- Added a Custom Shutdown timer to the home shutdown sub menu
- Slightly bigger border around the home "now playing" icon
- Fixed you could log off from the log on screen (thanks Rocky5 for pointing it out)
- Got rid of the trailing white border on unselected items in movie poster view when fast scrolling (thanks Rocky5 for doing the code)
- Fixed Couldn't get to the video settings some times thanks for pointing it out ronie
- Fixed default file icon consistency
- Added "BRrip" to the list of letters in filenames to show the Blueray logo
- Fixed double version numbers showing in the addon lists
- Added the top info bar to fullscreen video when it is needed
- Ddownsized the weather icons in home a little
- Added real subtle shadow border around the floating boxes
- Made the bottom white bar that is solid instead of a gradient
- padded out the recently added episode numbers from "s**e**" to "Season ** Episode **"

Again enjoy and I'll update the first post

- Jezz_X - 2010-12-02

Rocky5 Wrote:I think the RSS feed would look nicer if it looked like it went behind the RSS feed logo instead of just ending before it.

even <posx>55 or 50

I tried that once it looked odd to me but I might rethink doing a fade out before it hits the icon thing

- bridgman - 2010-12-02

I can't get over such a small download doing so much.This skin is great and evolving quickly.Great work.

- loggio - 2010-12-02

Awesome! looking good man, loving every release so far :-)

I think i mentioned this previously, but i really feel strongly about it... And that's support for custom backdrops... Do you plan to add the option?

Also, do you plan on add "Use posters for TV" instead of banners as an option?

Keep it up man,

Looking great.

tried your pvr branch, working great :-)

- Jezz_X - 2010-12-02

Probably yeah on both of them at some point (before it hits the repo) but its not a real priority

- bassieman - 2010-12-02

Excellent Jezz! How do you get all this in 5.4MB?

- Jezz_X - 2010-12-02

bassieman Wrote:Excellent Jezz! How do you get all this in 5.4MB?

by not having huge 1080p images in the skin and actually building the windows as I go from lots of smaller common image elements (and keeping out the fluff like 30mb of animated weather icons and 20mb of studio icons)

- hobson89 - 2010-12-03


Can anyone help me out i wanna get the slik skin and more the pvr addon to it so i can setup XBMC as a pvr. I'm having trouble getting the skin to work. i extracted the files to the correct location and the skin shows in xbmc but is grey and unselectable. Someone mentioned using the addon on homepage and install from zip file. I don't have the addons tab on the home. i'm running version 9.11. Are you guys running the dharma RC1? Gotta be something simple i'm missing!

- Jezz_X - 2010-12-03

yeah its not in 9.11 you need at least dharma beta's and higher and if you want pvr you need another special build of xbmc again

- loggio - 2010-12-03


^^What jezz said^^

- hobson89 - 2010-12-03

Cheers guys got the dharma rc1 and works brill, cool and easy to view skin! but no pvr, which version do i need for this? and where can i find it?

- loggio - 2010-12-03

Hobson89: you need to search the forum. I assume you're using windows. In which case the only tv backend you can use is mediaportal.

Search google for "xbmc media portal pvr" you will find
The thread and download links there. There is also a plugin being developed for 4therecord.

You have to understand hobson that it's not the skin that supplies tv functionality, it's a specific xbmc package and plugins. The skin only implements the functionality of these features.

Like I said, you need to research this. Keep in mind it's very BETA so don't expect too much.

- xbs08 - 2010-12-03

Jezz_X, the shutdown timer icon is a really nice touch but even when it's not enabled i'm seeing it for a split second, and also on other main menu buttons.

- Jezz_X - 2010-12-03

xbs08 Wrote:Jezz_X, the shutdown timer icon is a really nice touch but even when it's not enabled i'm seeing it for a split second, and also on other main menu buttons.

hrmm thought I fixed that do me a favor and try removing <include>VisibleFadeEffect</include> from line 1172 in home.xml I notice I still have it in the focused item and not the unfocus

- xbs08 - 2010-12-03

Removing <include>VisibleFadeEffect</include> fixed it.

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