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[WIP] The Carmichael - a new skin for XBMC - mcborzu - 2010-11-08

Youtube Trailer




The Carmichael is designed to presesent your media through a unified interface. Easy of use and a common design thoughtout all views is the goal.

I got inspiration from this image from like a lifehacker article or something and branched out from there. I wanted a skin that a unified feel, unified look thoughout all views. The top fanart half is the "parent" section, and the bottom "child" section is the navigation section...

Skin has all the fun stuff:
1. extrafanart
2. Custom Home (10)
3. Logos, clearart, cdART
4. TvTunes
5. One click trailers


Episode View

Grid Episodes

Same Look thoughout skin

This is 16x9 fanart, I chopped the bottom 20% to give it that movie widescreen ratio. Really makes the fanart 'pop' at that ratio.

- htpc guy - 2010-11-08

Looks like you've been hiding something. I'm looking forward to it. I'm glad to see that more skinners are supporting games too. Can't wait!

- garvani - 2010-11-08

Holy hell. What a way to announce a new skin! And it looks almost complete too, well done! Cant wait to give it a try Big Grin

- XBMCG33K - 2010-11-08

Who here likes Chuck references way too much, and helped me with coding Xperience 1.1? THAT GUY!

- Livin - 2010-11-08

looks nice... I like the that you've used all the screen real estate. My screen is big, and my eyes are bad so the bigger the better Smile

look forward to trying it out.

- Hitcher - 2010-11-08

Very nice, it uses the whole screen but isn't crammed or too busy at the same time.

- ZombieRobot - 2010-11-08

MCBORZU that was EPIC! nice work

- distracto - 2010-11-08

wow looks great! looking forward to trying it out

- butchabay - 2010-11-08

Hey man, looks damned stylish, with so much infos on the screen and at the same time very clear and clean. Compliments !

- Sharpe - 2010-11-08

Hahahaha - superb!

Love the trailer mate.

- espengaasemyr - 2010-11-08

HAHA christmas comes early this year!!!Smile

- MindTooth - 2010-11-08

Power to you, brother!

Looking forward to the release Wink

- spiff - 2010-11-08

there must be a better way to fool the utub © detection. the audio destroyed the whole experience Wink

- craigd - 2010-11-08

Looks awsome, just need to find the slow motion button on youtube to enjoy it fully.

- rausch101 - 2010-11-08

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice this looks to have all the features I like in a skin.