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- fmronan - 2011-06-23

My english is very bad perhaps you can understand what is Rss Feeds with that
and more about Influence

Influence tips

- fmronan - 2011-06-25

and more link

- fmronan - 2011-07-09

a new design for Influence

Installing Influence - captainfearless - 2011-07-18

Hi, i really want to get Influence but when i select install from zip file nothing happens!

The zip i have downloaded is Influence.1a3.zip 12.5.

Suggestions please!?

- mad-max - 2011-07-18

try unpacking the zip and copy it in your xbmc-appdata directory...this should work without problems...


- captainfearless - 2011-07-18

mad-max you are my main man today!

Seriously i really appreciate the great service.

I'll try that and let you know the outcome.


- mad-max - 2011-07-18

great that you like the service...


- captainfearless - 2011-07-18

Do you mean addonsdata directory? Can't find an XBMC appdata one.

There is an appdata directory with Xbmc and others in it .

- mad-max - 2011-07-18

what os are you running?

if it is win7 it C:\User\[your-username]\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\ there copy in the skin.influence

- captainfearless - 2011-07-18

Cheers, i must apologise for my lack of info, i'm normally very explicit, but time very precious today!

Win 7 indeed.Done that and opened XBMC and it is not showing as a selectable skin.

How do i access it please?

- captainfearless - 2011-07-18

Right, version 1.2.1 installed right away straight from the zip!

What a beautiful skin, blows confluence out of the water.

Think a slow USB socket was my original problem, so now, how do i update to the latest version as internal update/uninstall are greyed out?

Is it worth it? I couldn't find a version history, what please is new in the May release?

- fmronan - 2011-07-19

install the last Influence update

Thank you - jasmindesylva - 2011-07-30

Hi there,

I'm quite new to Xbmc but I've found Influence a pleasure to use. Thanks

you might want to check the language in : system-Skin-Menu Customizer-Customize Menu Systems-Widgets-'Afficher info systeme' could be 'Activate System Info Display' ?

A question: How can I add a 'restart XMBC' button to my Exit Menu.. I tried XBMC.Reboot()
but that just reboots the pc Smile

I'm on influence svn 168 Windows Vista
Also when adding rss feeds for Video is there a specific syntax?

- fmronan - 2011-07-31


Reset - jasmindesylva - 2011-07-31

Hi Fmronan.

Thanks for the reset tip.
Any idea about rss feeds? I keep getting
Script error: script.ImageCacher
And the videos don't play. Even with the default yahoo pipes.