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- Danielocean - 2010-11-10

ok, then you have to rename the folder to [moviename].dvd

for example, you have the movie "repo men"; then this should look loke this:

movie/repo men.dvd/repo men.mkv

in this way it works...

- emal011 - 2010-11-10

mmmm... that´s funny.. with others skins that works without rename the folders.. u know, if u use EMM, you can write that ur source is or DVD or Bluray, then in the same EMM u becomes the dvd or buray logo. Well i have to just keep seaching, there have to be an easy way...

- KiSUAN - 2010-11-11

Good work, hope you finish it, would love see how it turns out.

But a few things

Danielocean Wrote:on 1080, thats the logo and i dont want to change a logo - never do that!

than the current set... i think a logo has to be a logo, nothing else... and where we have no logo, it should be like a logo, like the 5.1 with known elements...

will post the second try in a view hours...
If you say you like the logo, that's valid, it's a matter of taste, but, the logo is the logo? Wtf is that? If the logo sucks I must keep it that way? Sorry but that has no logic what so ever. If you can modify it exercise your freedom my friend.

For example, to me the colors of XBMC logo sucks big time, so I change them a little to fit my taste and use it in RD, plus I add a little effect to make it more interesting.


If someone like it, here you can download it and get some variants

For me at least the gold in the 1080 is horrible, it makes me wanna go blind and would love if you make it in the gray gradient. With that in mind I would love if the flags where all in the grey gradient with little touches of colors when are suited, like with the DTS, Xvid and others. That way it gives the pack of flags more consistency, originality and at the end its what make it a pack, if not I think it would end being just another set of some logos in a button.

Also the simplest logos are the best, not cramped, straight and clear. No need to try invent a logo from nowhere. The 5.1 + diagram + text simply doesn't add up, I get the idea, but must say doesn't seem like a good one, its cramped, the diagram isn't so clear at first glance and ones you get it you ask why the hell is that there and why you wasted time trying to understand it. The text is unnecessary as the idea of a logo is to communicate fast and in a simple way something, the simple 5.1 does that and there isn't better logo for that as people all ready knows it and associate it. Same with 16:9 and so on.

Hope my thoughts come fine, english isn't my strong.

- mcborzu - 2010-11-11

Both good arguments from both sides of the debate. I'm not a huge flag guy so whatever looks best I'll go with...

- Danielocean - 2010-11-11

@ mcborzu:

here is the download for the total set: KLICK
hope you like it... if not, please give me a message, so i can change some details...

@KiSUAN: thanx for your statement... can understand some things, but not all... i worked on that first set, and now, i think i have made it better Wink
the non-colored set will follow, maybe i also will do a half-colored set with only small colores things like DTS, xvid...
about the 5.1 flags, ive deleted the text, there is now only 5.1+diagram... i think it looks good, also with 16:9...
can understand your idea about 1080... the gold is also flashing my eyes... but thats the logo... sorry, thats my opinion never change that... but i can do it non-colored for the half-colored-pack...

- Danielocean - 2010-11-11

Update on first page!

- venealis - 2010-11-11

sorry getting an error that all free downloads are full.


- Danielocean - 2010-11-11

new upload available

- isamu.dragon - 2010-11-11

I like these better then the current

- mcborzu - 2010-11-11

ugh some of these upload sites suck, I can't even download them until whatever limit they got on free downloaders expires....

- m3g4tr0n - 2010-11-12


- distracto - 2010-11-12

oh yes, would love to see the iTunes icon used

- KiSUAN - 2010-11-12

Great work overall, really like it.

Must say the Hd DVD logo looks kinda "washed", I think it was better before.

I'll try to get some icons tomorrow.

- Danielocean - 2010-11-12

sorry for the bad upload site... have try another, link is refreshed...
(you have a proposal for a better upload site?! please let me know!)

will do the new logo for iTunes HD, and some redo for ex. mpeg...

- KiSUAN - 2010-11-12

Uploading? How about all the mayor ones? http://www.multiupload.com/