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- ReMi - 2011-09-09

Compiling a patched binary from GIT sources is a real pain and
keeps giving me errors with "configure" on Ubuntu 11.04 & XBMC 10.1 (FreakXBMC Live-CD) ..
**Update**: i've got same errors on a Ubuntu 10.04 / XBMC 10.1 system

Does anyone have a compiled binary for me ?

or know how to solve this:
CPP     FileItem.o
FileItem.cpp: In member function âvirtual void CFileItem::Archive(CArchive&)â:
FileItem.cpp:345:3: error: âArchiveâ is not a member of âCGUIListItemâ
FileItem.cpp: In member function âvoid CFileItem::UpdateInfo(const CFileItem&)â:
FileItem.cpp:1177:24: error: âAppendPropertiesâ was not declared in this scope
/root/setup/xbmc/xbmc/guilib/GraphicContext.h: At global scope:
/root/setup/xbmc/xbmc/guilib/GraphicContext.h:245:150: warning: âg_graphicsConte                       xtâ defined but not used
make[1]: *** [FileItem.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/setup/xbmc/xbmc'
make: *** [xbmc/xbmc.a] Error 2

- teeedubb - 2011-09-10

I've posted a link to a precompiled xbmc.bin for 10.1 live in this thread, should still be up. Check my posts..

- ReMi - 2011-09-10

teeedubb Wrote:I've posted a link to a precompiled xbmc.bin for 10.1 live in this thread, should still be up. Check my posts..

I've tried your binary (and others) already and it will not load when booting
i just get a black screen after the initial bootlogo.

Have you also compiled it on a Ubuntu 11.04 system ?

Update: i've got same errors on a Ubuntu 10.04 / XBMC 10.1 system

- ReMi - 2011-09-18

teeedubb Wrote:Could someone please explain how to pull the master-20110331-acb1223 version on xbmc from git? Ive compiled xbmc before, but pulling a particular version has me stumped. Im dying to try this patch, Ive been waiting for something like this for ages as my TV doesnt play DTS audio.

How did you manage to get the master-20110331-acb1223 branch from GIT ?

I only seem to get the latest ...
git clone git://github.com/xbmc/xbmc.git

Just compild succesfully with Nod http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/source/xbmc-10.1.tar.gz

- PoweRoy - 2011-09-29

Is there a planning to add this in the masters? I have lot of problems with sync in the current XBMC release (i3 using onboard GPU). So therefore I want to use the nightlies.

- methcat - 2011-10-03

saturn Wrote:I would really like best of both worlds, dual audio and dxva2 for sandy bridge :-D

i'm guessing neither of these made it into eden? No

- jkinsley - 2011-10-07

Many thanks for this excellent patch. This is exactly what I needed to allow me to play music in my receiver's "Zone 2". I'd love to see this brought into the release code.

- inahat - 2011-10-12

This is just what I have been looking for, gave up on a (Windows) solution years ago. THANKS!!!!!!

- mrdally204 - 2011-10-13

Is this in eden? I want to update and try some nightly builds, but am scared to death I will lose my secondary audio out. This is going to become a huge issue (for me) when its released stable and not included Sad

- karandras24 - 2011-10-13

Edited as dixon butz had a better answer.

- Dixon Butz - 2011-10-13

Only one audio output in the nightly. You would lose your secondary.

- RXP91 - 2011-10-13

This feature works perfectly, is there any reason it's not getting put into Eden?

- mrdally204 - 2011-10-14

After doing some further reading, one of the authors of the new Audio Engine has no interest in adding the feature (at least currently speaking). We have to hope someone will hack it up nicely as they have done with this release, else its back to the single audio source drawing board.

After reading his reasoning why, I see his point. But at the same time this is not the use case at all which I will be using the 2nd audio out. I like having 2 chan audio over HDMI, and 5.1 over optical. I can then watch most things with tv sound, and switch to 5.1 when needed without changing anything! Its oh so perfect. Here is to someone (anyone) who enables the 2nd audio out!

If it comes down to it, maybe we put a ransom on feature and a 3rd party makes it happen when Eden is final. Comments?

- crapazit - 2011-10-14

It's an essential feature for me! I'm using dual audio for same reason as mrdally, I can watch movies using TV audio and, if I want, switch on dolbydigital amplifier without extra changes.

- htpc guy - 2011-10-15

I would love to play everything through 5.1 surround but unfortunately the wife only likes movies through surround and regular tv shows through tv speakers. Don't ask me why. I stopped trying to unerstand women a long time agoRolleyes

The dual audio patch is a great solution but unfortunately with the impending Eden release we will be back to square one. I know there is no way this is ever going to make it into the main trunk, unless it is possible to somehow sort out the sync issues.

So, that leaves me searching for another solution. Is it possible to do this with hardware?

I have an old Yamaha receiver (almost 10 years old). Obviously it does not have HDMI inputs. So I was wondering..... So, If I had a new receiver with HDMI and passthrough, could I use it to determine where the sound is played.

More specifically, Would I be able to set the audio settings to HDMI in XBMC, and then let the receiver determine if the sound is played in 5.1 surround or 2.0 to the TV speakers. I would never want both at the same time. Like everyone else in this thread I would just like to choose one or the other.

If that's possible then it would give me an excellent reason to upgrade my receiver.