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[RELEASE] ShareThe.TV (Addon) - Share & Sync Movie Collection Listings Online - TheDuffMan - 2010-11-30

Update for Frodo: An official addon is available in the XBMC addon repository. Enjoy!

Hi all,

I've been working on a project that I'm excited to show everyone. http://sharethe.tv is a site that lets you easily show off and share your movie collection. With the addon, any changes you make to your library will be kept in sync with your ShareThe.TV profile so there's absolutely no work required from you.

The site also lets you comment on movies, and follow other users. Following other users gives you a nice summary of their recently added movies, in hopes that you'll get some ideas on more movies that you can add to your collection.

The ShareThe.TV addon has several configuration options. By default, notifications are enabled and autorun is also enabled. When the addon notices a change in the count of movies in your library, an update is triggered and you'll see a notification message saying an update has been sent to the site. You can disable notifications and disable auto updates if you'd like. The addon supports Dharma XBMC versions only, at this time.

To get started, create an account at http://sharethe.tv, then install the addon from through the official XBMC addons repo under the Programs section. You can then enter your login credentials from the site, and start submitting your collection.

New features:
- Print collection in text list
- Sort movies by title, year, date added
- Compare your collection with others, see only movies they have that you don't
- Keep a wishlist of movies you want to get, automatically removed from wishlist when added to library

Sample profile:


Install through the official addon repository, under "Programs", in XBMC 12.0 "Frodo".


Replace with your username for link and image. Available after you send a library update starting today.
[ URL="http://sharethe.tv/username"][ IMG]http://sharethe.tv/username/widget[/img][/url]


- topfs2 - 2010-11-30

Haven't had time to try but love the idea!

- falafael - 2010-11-30

have joined the site, installed the plugin, entered my details, and nothing happens, according to the site, i haven't added any movies?
Does it take a while to appear on the site?

- ECEC - 2010-11-30

This is pretty freaking cool. I had been looking for a classy way to show friends/family what movies and tv shows I have on my server.

Using Dharma RC1, it's working with no problems. I think my profile has close to 150 movies so far.

- blaze - 2010-11-30

Seems to work quite well, added my collection easily enough, its picked up some movies which I dont have (which i imagine means its recognised some movies incorrectly). I think theres maybe 20 or so others which it hasnt added too, since XBMC reads 485 and once added there were only 467 in my list. Not really sure how to go about fixing those though, since my folder names are all correct (setup like "Movie [Year]").

As above though, also love the idea of it!

- TheDuffMan - 2010-11-30

Thanks for the positive feedback so far everyone!

@falafael: Did you try manually running the plugin once? I think that to register it to autorun, it has to be run once manually. You should get a notification letting you know either that the update has been sent, or that there's been some sort of problem. But at least that will narrow it down.

@blaze: Cool - the behaviour on movie matching is lookup on TMDB the title and year. If no exact match is found, it will try looking up just the title and return that first result. That would explain the different matches for some. Any chance those missing movies would have no year in the library mode of XBMC?

Thanks everyone for trying it out. I'll get these issues ironed out soon enough.

- blaze - 2010-11-30

TheDuffMan Wrote:@blaze: Cool - the behaviour on movie matching is lookup on TMDB the title and year. If no exact match is found, it will try looking up just the title and return that first result. That would explain the different matches for some. Any chance those missing movies would have no year in the library mode of XBMC?

Just quickly looking for the first one which is wrong, my folder setup is like follows;

Folder > Filename
9 [2009] > 9.2009.DVDRip.XviD

I use folder names to lookup the titles, so i have no reason to change the filenames, could that be causing problems? TMDB has a perfect match for the folder name here, however its synced to this instead.

- TheDuffMan - 2010-11-30

Hmm. Well, the problem with that movie is coming from the TMDB search. Since I search for movie + year, I get a search result set of: http://www.themoviedb.org/search?search=9+2009. And there, you see your incorrect movie listed first and the right one not listed at all. This is an interesting problem, I'll see what I can do to get around it. Any other examples of movies not working that might be a different mistake?

- blaze - 2010-11-30

I'll have a look through them all properly shortly, tbh, i think they're mainly just the same problem (wrong movie lookups from tmdb), but there isnt that many of them from the quick look through i had before.

- psike - 2010-11-30

great idea.
just tried it and it worked really fast first time updating.
then I've added another movies folder to XBMC and scanned it but nothing is updating on the site.
also trying to manually run the script again won't work.
in the debug it's says:
No change in movie count

- MindTooth - 2010-11-30

Then I have updated my profile with 357 movies Wink

To bad you use TMDB, since I use IMDb. It seems like some of my movies are wrong :/

Would be nice to see you work with the trakt.tv guys to bring a more complete service Wink

- psike - 2010-11-30

1. it seems like movies inside sets won't update.

2. since you using TMDB and there's a lot miss-matching movies, maybe add option to add/remove manually will be good.

- DejaVu - 2010-11-30

Joined, but

Quote:To install the addon, go to System -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons -> XBMC.org Add-ons. From the "Program Add-ons" section, choose ShareThe.TV

Does not exist.
Just realised it's not up yet... I guess you are just stating the inevitable! Wink

Shall be perusing everyone collection soon! Smile

- TheDuffMan - 2010-11-30

I think with some tweaks to the search used on TMDB, that should help to minimize the mismatch movie problem some people are seeing. I'll think about how to possibly do a manual add/remove. The problem comes up though right now that on the next library update, those manual choices would be forgotten.

@DejaVu77: Thanks - I'll update that wording to reflect that the site is in a "beta" mode now.

@psike: Can you post up your full log so I can take a deeper look? The message you quoted would be the autochecker not submitting an update since at that time of checking, the movie count was not different from the previous check. A fix you might want to try is disable autosubmit, then run the addon. That should manually submit the update whether there's been a change or not. Thanks for the update on sets. I think that might be a bug in the JSON RPC not return the right results, but I'll double check before submitting a bug.

One issue I'm seeing now is that some posters exist on TMDB but weren't populated on the site. I'll look into that as well today.

Thanks for all the help so far everyone! The feedback has been very helpful in uncovering bugs and I have lots of ideas for tweaks to make before submitting the addon. This addon/site should be rock solid by the time it's submitted to the official repo Smile

- fanaticffwd - 2010-11-30

Great site! load it up works great for beta!

2 things for me

1.it stopped adding movies at 362 even tho this is not half of my libary.
2.Somehow I didn't get the activation email. Cant find option for resend.


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