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- Harro - 2011-03-18

Another Idea would be to have a page with just the comments on the films. This way a person could have a small debate on the films with just the comments.
Just my 2 cents

Feature Request - Littlewar - 2011-03-19

It would be uber cool if you could enable RSS for user's libraries.

Password retrieval/reset? - lansing - 2011-03-20

Maybe I am missing it but I am looking for a way to retrieve my password or to reset it. By accident I hit "default" in the plugin set up screen. What I thought was my password doesn't seem to be. I tried sending an e-mail to the "info" address on the site the other day but haven't received a response yet. I am not in a hurry and I can wait to get it reset but I think it is a feature that needs to be there at some point. If it is there and I just can't find it, I would suggest putting it on the login screen too..

EDIT: - Thanks Duffman. Just got it.

- TheDuffMan - 2011-03-20

Just sent you an email, check your inbox for instructions.

Security concerns - JanDrugger - 2011-03-29

Hi all,

Is it just me or is anyone else concerned about the video police raiding this website and grabbing the list of users and their collections for prosecution?

Is there any sort of protection here that ensure that this couldn't happen?

Sure, obviously I'm not going to use my real name, but what gets sent out from my XBMC collection? How about my IP address?

Just a thought, but I'll hold back on sending anything until I get a comforting reply.


- Jan

- TheDuffMan - 2011-03-30

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the message. As for what gets sent out: from the addon, we transmit:

Your username, password, and a list of movies. The list of movies is gathered by running a query against the XBMC database that asks for results from the title, year, and imdb id field. This is the only information that is sent, and I collect no information on IP addresses. If you want to verify, the code is on Github: https://github.com/nmunson/script.sharethetv.

The fact remains that this site is for entertainment purposes only and in no way represents actual ownership of movies. The "collection" on your profile simply represents some lines of text sent to the site. Someone can easily "add" a movie to their collection by creating a blank movie file on their computer and renaming it to a movie name, and then scanning it into XBMC.

Lastly, if your concerned about privacy, we offer a "Delete" button on your account profile page which lets you delete your profile from the site if you ever feel uncomfortable, so that you are entirely in control of your data.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Shows - bubblesayoyo - 2011-03-30

Duff, first off I LOVE this idea. Just outstanding. It's 1 am and I just started playing and I blame you for being asleep. Smile That said I dont want to read back all 30+ pages. What about getting something together for our TV shows also?! You could use thetvdb.com Db?! I'm sure this was brought up already but just wanted to say I'd be ├╝ber interested in that. Thanks again. Love the addon.

- borisdenice - 2011-03-31

I'll try that!

- kevron - 2011-03-31

Granted most people sign up with their common screen names anyway. So a simple google search could reveal just about anything. Having said that.. I have hard copies of my movies, So I personally am not worried about it. If your worried about getting caught, stop breaking laws.

- EclipseGT - 2011-04-02

The movie Limitless shows as The Dark Fields on website and has no poster

- cmekki - 2011-04-08

Just want to say this is a great addon.

I dont know if i can do a request or this is already requested (i must admit i havent read all the posts in this thread).
I would like to have some kind of sort order bottoms, the two on the frontpage of TMDb.org would make my day. let me explain, on my site sharethe.tv/username i have the two bottoms and when i click on lets say "Box Office" i see all MY movies listed that matches the query in the TMDb.org frontpage "box office" movies. same with "most popular". if i doont have the movies it dont show.

Maybe also have bottoms that list MY movies in the Genres (action, crime and so on).

Best Regards

- sandbasser - 2011-04-09

Hi -

I really like this addon...

I've managed to get a couple of problems resolved by following TheDuffMan (and other posters) suggestions.

But, I have one nagging problem. I have 2 versions of 'The Thomas Crown Affair': the 1968 Steve McQueen version and the 1999 Pierce Brosnan version. The trouble is that the 1968 version shows as "Dublicate: The Thomas Crown Affair (913). My XBMC database is fine. I deleted and readded to xbmc and updated to ShareThe.TV. Still the same.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

- gabbott - 2011-04-14

is anyone successfully running this addon using openelec?

- sraue - 2011-04-14

Hi gabbot and devs of this plugin

gabbott Wrote:is anyone successfully running this addon using openelec?

please paste here a xbmc.log with enabled debugging after the addon fails. also create a thread in the openelec forum (also with a xbmc.log). the addon must be fixed for use with openelec (which uses external python-2.6.6) from the devs of the plugin. Amet is willing to help with this if any addon dev need help from him. in general every addon in the official xbmc repo should be supported (or fixed to work) in openelec.

- kim1406 - 2011-04-14

gabbott Wrote:is anyone successfully running this addon using openelec?

Yes, I'm using it with OpenELEC working fine.

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