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- mr.sparkle - 2011-05-31

Just stumbled on this wonderful addon. A couple of questions:

Would it be possible to map the command that updates my library to a particular button on my remote? (instead of having to drill through the program menus)

Would it be possible to auto update once a day, say?

Would it be possible to update remotely, through ssh?

Thanks in advance

- TheDuffMan - 2011-06-01

Thanks guys for the comments, it helps getting me motivated to finish up the last bits and pieces.

@mr.sparkle: Well, there is an auto update built in that polls for changes to your library and sends an update when changes are found. That should solve what your looking for, and it is enabled by default. For the specifics on your questions though,

Particular button: I think so, haven't tried myself. I found this topic in a quick search that may fit your needs: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=81108

Once a day: Not really

Remotely: Only if addons are exposed through the web api, then you could hit a specific url to trigger it. Not sure though.

- mr.sparkle - 2011-06-01

OK, I got remote update working by running the following through ssh:

/usr/bin/xbmc-send -a "UpdateLibrary(video)"
/usr/bin/xbmc-send -a "RunAddon(script.sharethetv)"

2 Questions - ezyb123 - 2011-06-01

Fantastic site - I can't believe how fast it sync'd my entire collection. 2 questions.

Is there a plan to add TV shows to your site?

Also - is there a way to export my list of movies from the site (or a plan to add this feature perhaps)? Be it xml, xls, txt, etc?

Again - love the site - it's works brilliantly and the user experience is top notch.

- tyers - 2011-06-01

ezyb123 Wrote:Also - is there a way to export my list of movies from the site (or a plan to add this feature perhaps)? Be it xml, xls, txt, etc?

I don't think there is a way to export directly, but I have found that if you use the review last update link from your page you can copy the table from there quite easily.

TheDuffMan Wrote:Thanks guys for the comments, it helps getting me motivated to finish up the last bits and pieces.

In that case, have another "Thank You" from me. This site is awesome, and I cannot wait to see v2 in action.

- rflores2323 - 2011-06-01

a great feature that could be added is rss feeds for updated movies in the library? when xbmc updates the sharethe.tv site then the rss feed could be updated aswell to show recently added movies. This would be great feature IMO. I know my wife and friends would check the rss feeds for our movie nights.

- kim1406 - 2011-06-01

Great update, thanks for your hard work.

- jacster - 2011-06-05

Sharethe.Tv is a great idea. I have just just created a profile in the last two days, however when XBMC tries to connect i get the error "Unable to contact server but try again soon". I see that you have been working on giving the site a facelift and was wondering if that was the reason or am I missing something. Other plugins installed are accessing their related sites..Help

- TheDuffMan - 2011-06-05

@ezyb123: Yes, that is the plan in the long-run to add tv shows. Exporting right now - no, but I would like to add that in the short term since I think it's an easy addition.

@rflores2323: I added RSS feeds for the newly added movies to profiles, would that cover what your looking for or did you have another feed in mind?

@jacster: No problems here, I think it is network connection related. Can you try with a wired connection, and also post a debug log?

EDIT: For printing, what format do you guys prefer? I can do CSV or txt, and include any info. Right now I've got it wired up to do:

1) Movie Title (Year)

As a txt file, but I'm open to ideas.

- Petch - 2011-06-07

RiChaDo Wrote:Im using cinema experience & disabled notifications but everytime i start HTE I get a popup with this:

"Empty movie library so not sending update"

I'm having the same problem, but Im not concerned with the popup notification; my issue is that its not syncing with the website at all and that Im seeing this error. My database is definitely not empty and is stored on my XBMC machine. I can provide a debug log if needed.

I searched through this thread and didnt see a fix for this... thanks for any help!

- TheDuffMan - 2011-06-08

@Petch: Sure, post a debug log (with debugging enabled in the addon as well) and I can look. Also, please post your username from the site.

- Trozza - 2011-06-08

Just signed up and its awesome! Just wish the tv show section wasn't a long term idea and was done already. Tongue

- TheDuffMan - 2011-06-11

Well, I said f' it today and pushed the whole new site live Smile

New things:
- Nicer design
- Wishlist. Once you add movies to your collection, automatically removed from wishlist.
- Print your movie list. A nice, clean text file to do it.
- Forgot password feature (finally!)
- Collection sorting. Title, year, date added.
- Search movies autocomplete bar.

I hope you guys enjoy the site! Let me know if you see anything weird, since the rewrite touched almost everything.

- kricker - 2011-06-11

Great! I can't wait to check it out. Thanks for all the work on this.

- SynstrShn - 2011-06-11

I was so happy I actully checked today to see if it had changed and what a good surprise! Smile .. Thanks soo much for all of your hard work on this! The changes you made make it soo much more useful! And looks great to as a bonus!!

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