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lots of problems on my xbox - Tapatos - 2010-11-30

Hi I'm new with xbmc. I just got an xbox last year for christmas and it has xbmc t3ch unleashx avalaunch evox.

I'm not sure what they all do but my problem is with xbmc.
Whenever I start up my xbox it takes about 4 minutes to get to the t3ch splash screen and another 3 minutes for my mc360 dashboard to show up.

My other problem is that when I try to ftp when I'm using xbmc it says on filezilla ECONNREFUSED connection refused by server. I've just been loading unleashx to ftp.

My last problem is that I ripped cds to my xbox using the actual MS dashboard and now the soundtracks show up multiple times and after I deleted they're still there.

Please note I do not have an active internet connection so I can't update xbmc or anything like that. I am typing this over my phone so sorry for any typos.

Any help would be much much appreciated

- steelman1991 - 2010-11-30

Xbox support is no longer available - I believe the XBMC4XBOX project is still actively developing.

- Tapatos - 2010-12-01

Thanks a lot the site helped me out and now I can actually play sumthing

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