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- mstef - 2011-05-16

Next what I'll glad to see is option to show IMDB ratings instead of certifications (PG-13, etc) in all views. I change this manually in 0.8.8 but next version become and my work should be done again, so it lost of time. If it will appear in next version it will be cool Smile

- mstef - 2011-05-24

mstef Wrote:And there is strange effect when using music > albums and icon view, when I press down key and next row is showing there is some jitter/jagging, I don't know how to say it, see yourself

Edit: Sorry, it should be in Bug Reports thread.

I've just found what the problem is: there are missing parameter 'background="true"' in <textures> declaration in Viewtype_Icon.xml for three <image> controls located in <itemlayout> for the panel id=517

When I add this parameters browsing is smooth now and no jagging anymore. Smile

- mstef - 2011-05-25

The same problem as above is in wall view, after adding background="true" wall view is now super fast!

RE: Beta Suggestions - ClayM - 2012-04-20

A couple small things - on the "paused" screen, would be nice to see time remaining / end time.

Also on the episode list, would be nice to see watched/not watched status without having to actually select the episode.

Other than that, very nice.