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- zwat - 2010-12-12

read first post

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-12

So, the loading and the volume icons/images/animations where making me seek, litteraly, so I put my hands to work and so far I must admit this is my favourite change so far, is a stupidity of change, but non the less...


- New loading animation (preview in first page)

- Backgrounds to jpg and lighter. Finally I decided to reduce the size of the skin, was getting out of controll, this might be an inconvinience for people that already have the skin, sorry. 99% of the users wont notice the difference between images.

- Volume complete redo (preview in first page)

- Home Theater Experience support

- Credits are important, never underestimate the work of others that make possible your own!!!



Hope you like them as much I do, they took me quite some time.

- zwat - 2010-12-12

it looks great (based om ur screenshots). gonna try it out on my box Tongue

so after testing it's not that good. Sad same issues as my poor attempt on the volume bar. it ain't fluently enough. should see movement on every keypress. could be fixed with more coding i guess.
i like the busy icon.

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-12

The key press is the same as in Night (6 scales), more than you have in T! (3 scales). Alaska and Confluence in the other hand have progress bars, that isn't the same solution as this animations, but I'll try to see if I can improve based on their code. But anyway 6 scale is more than enough in reality, they cover gaps of 10 from 0 to -60, that is the scale of XBMC, don't ask me what is the measure or relation in db.

P.D.: I just see that every key press XBMC jumps 1.2 values in his scale.

- zwat - 2010-12-12

yep i made that 6 scales volume and don't know how t! looks like, but criticism on the 6 scale change was that it wasn't fluently enough. night had progress bar from the beginning. that nail look as fluent as the progress bar would be awesome.

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-12

I was just giving examples, I was just saying, that its usable, nothing else, I understand that every key press would be awesome.

This is the control that alaska & confluence use http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Progress_Control, from the look its impossible to make it work like a pointer/needle, I already give it a try with no luck, the only thing left is coding for every key press (1,2), but I don't know if it would look good with the animation, it's gonna be a pain but I will do it and see how it looks.

Thanks again for pushing me to do better Smile

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-13

Done and uploaded... ENJOY

- zwat - 2010-12-13

looks great. a little hickup on my box tho going from 0 (mute) and up the volumbar don't show before one or two clicks. do u like this better or do u prefer 6 steps?

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-13

That hickup is a thing of XBMC, couldn't make it disappear. Really I don't care that much between this and 6, I would like to make it like the progress bar but couldn't make it work, I'll try more with the progress control tomorrow perhaps.

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-13

I already tried, founded other control (slider), but no luck, no way to pin the nib, it moves from right to left all. I corrected some poss that I miss. I will leave it this way unless some else knows how I could improve it.

- zwat - 2010-12-13

k well i think this look much better than the original slider and my blue dots. and i guess not many use -60db to mute so most people won't notice it at all.

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-15

Well, took me some time but i complete a new sound pack for the MOD, hope you enjoy.


- Night Syncro (16x9 View) + scrollbar + overlays + minor fixes

- New Sound Pack (Humor, more special effects, more action/game type)

- Other minor fixes

P.D.: Recommended to get an error pop-up (even a normal one), you won't regret Big Grin

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-16


- Advance Launcher text in Poster & List Views

- Cinema Experience Auto recognition (fully functional)

- Season level Season Fanart

- Credits

Hope everything is ok with this update as I'm too tired and didn't check up much.

cinema experience not working - pang - 2010-12-16

cinema experience is not working, there is not option to enable it anymore and when i play a movie it does not kick in the addon automatically as stated. do i need to do something.


ps can you add a view like the right fanart list in cirrus

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-16

I don't use Cinema Experience myself, to much work for to little, so i didn't actually tested when i updated, but I'm 98% sure it must work. Now the skin recognize automatically when you have the Cinema Experience plugin, you don't need to check any option to activate it, but you still have to go to Video Info were now you will see a button called "Theater" instead of Play when you have CE, so you hit Theater and if you have CE configured right with all the content an other it will play.

If after this explain it still doesn't work, try to see if it works with Night.

I will check that view you mention.