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kiosk mode - pang - 2010-12-16

the problem is when you are in kiosk mode those options dont' appear and many times they are needed

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-16

Didn't check Kiosk mode, if it was visible the nav bar, I mostly port what mcbrozu did in night + some fix, maybe i screw something up, anyway, ill fix it tonight, and i think ill leave video info nav bar visible in kiosk mode, it has no point to hide it even in kiosk mode.

- mcborzu - 2010-12-16

KiSUAN Wrote:Didn't check Kiosk mode, if it was visible the nav bar, I mostly port what mcbrozu did in night + some fix, maybe i screw something up, anyway, ill fix it tonight, and i think ill leave video info nav bar visible in kiosk mode, it has no point to hide it even in kiosk mode.

I changed it, last nights update, so all the buttons that do stuff - Get Fanart, Get Thumb, Refresh - are hidden in kiosk. All the regular - Play, Cast, Trailer - stay visible...

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-16

Ok got it, the name kinda confused me a little, I was wtf!! it's all right now, how isn't changing?? I take a second look and doh!! You changed to "Play", so to avoid the same happening to other users I leave it at "Cinema Ex".

So now it's all working pang and thanks for the heads up to both.

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-17


- Full screen info to unicode + some fixes (i missed that file when i changed all the others, sorry)

- Video Info Nav bar + Cinema Ex (now it`s all good, checked and double checked)

- Global clock Video poss fix & 1 more sound added.

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-20


- Qlock feature added (only English and German available, i will do Spanish also, but none other, if someone does it in other language I'll gladly help and add it). Color custom through default, auto language recognition from XBMC, just click on. Doesn't delete backgrounds or anything, you disable and all comes back.

- Night Syncro (Av launcher Plot on/off - weather/addon browser notification option)

- Font size and poss changes (Unicode related)

- Code clean up


- KiSUAN - 2010-12-20


- Unrated and Not Rated Flags & code. As now, if a movie doesn't have rating NR logo will show, if a movie has unrated in the title of the file or folder the rating will be overdrive by an UR logo.

- Rygrath - 2010-12-20

There seems to be a problem with the Weather widget for the Home screen. Doesn't appear at all when you focus "Weather". I tried setting the widget for One, 3 day mini and 4day full to no effect. The "Show Weather Widget" under Home options is selected. I can see the weather if I actually hit Select and go into the Weather screen itself however.

Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for the update, that clock you implemented is definitely unique Smile (Currently turned it off to see if it affected the widget display to no avail)

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-20

Sorry but I don't quite understand, I don't use the weather option much so I'm not that familiar with it.

You cant see the Submenu of Home Weather? You cant enter Weather from the Home menu? When you select some of the options in the Home Submenu something has to happen but it doesn´t? Have you check if it works in Night?

Sorry again and thanks, I´ll try to fix whatever is wrong as soon as I'm back home.

- msderganc - 2010-12-20

KiSUAN - just tried this today and I love it! Thanks for your work!

The weather widget that he talks about above is coming up on my 3rd custom menu item instead of the weather item.

HOWEVER, would it be possible to have (at least an option) the weather widget appear on all menu items? It would probably have to be exclusive with the newly added widget, but I'd vastly prefer that. I don't like having to go to the Weather item just to see the weather.

Also - would it be possible to add a universal weather icon in the top right corner with the time?

- Rygrath - 2010-12-20

Apologies for not being clear. The weather widget I'm talking about is the little icons that pop up on the home screen in the lower right-hand corner when you move to "Weather" on the home navigation list. When you hit the Right Arrow on "Weather" you get the sub-menu that gives you 3 choices...
One Day
3 Days Mini
4 Days - Full

Selecting one is the choice on how many weather icons you want to pop up on the home screen when you hover over Weather. The icons reflect the current weather forecast.

I double checked with Night and it's still working there. It's not a huge deal really, but you seem like the type that is a stickler for detail so thought I'd mention it Smile

Thanks for taking the time to look into it!

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-21

Thank you very much Rygrath, I already fixed and upload it.

@ msderganc

Now the widget is showing where it has too (weather button), wont explain why was showing in your custom menus, it has no point.

I'm still working in the Qlock, I want to be shown in any of the three menu positions, and I also just realized that with the weather widget in 4 icons and in some menus with recently added option on, things get overlapped, so I need to work more on this.

If I made the weather widget to be shown in all the menu buttons I`ll need take into consideration the recently added option (disable it or move one of both) plus things getting overlapped, that's just too much for a little option and would take too much time.

In the other hand the global weather sounds like a good idea and I'll take a shoot into it. But im thinking in something very "minimalistic", with very little info.

- Rygrath - 2010-12-21

Thanks KiSUAN, very much appreciate your time and effort .

- KiSUAN - 2010-12-21


- Qlock improvement (animations, poss & more) & added to Home horizontal mid screen

I'm too tired to take SS, upload & stuff, just try it if you want and tomorrow I`ll make some SS. The changes are only to the English version, didn't had time to finish the German one. I checked a lot of times and think it's all 100% wright. Any problem please tell me.


- msderganc - 2010-12-21

Thanks for the help KiSUAN!