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Keyboard and Remote Quit Working - xbmcsnapper - 2011-11-20

Hello all. New XBMC user here. Thanks very much for the XBMC Flicks plugin. I am very happy with it.

Even though I am in Canada, it seems to work very well with one exception - when playing a movie the only key command that works is alt-F4. The spacebar, the F key, and the Esc key no longer work, and therefore the mapped keys on my Harmony remote also do not work. These keys did work at first, but at some point after fiddling around getting the movies to play without error, and getting Instant Queue and Browse By Genre to show up, those keys stopped working. The mouse (which is on my BTC 9019URF wireless keyboard) works and that is what I currently must use to pause movies playing in XBMC Flicks.

Here's the log (with XBMC Flicks debugging enabled): http://pastebin.com/h1n8NuNC

Any help or troubleshooting guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

- Zeee1 - 2011-11-20

Can anyone direct me to the plugin?


Apple tv 2

- xbmcsnapper - 2011-11-20

Zeee1 Wrote:Can anyone direct me to the plugin?

Videos > Video Add-ons > Get More... > XBMC Flicks - Netflix For XBMC

No luck - Zeee1 - 2011-11-20

xbmcsnapper Wrote:Videos > Video Add-ons > Get More... > XBMC Flicks - Netflix For XBMC

Not seeing it on my list. Should it pop up if I have an Apple tv 2?

- xbmcsnapper - 2011-11-20

Zeee1 Wrote:Not seeing it on my list. Should it pop up if I have an Apple tv 2?

Dunno. My guess is that it won't show up on an ATV2 because it is not supported (because of the lack of a web browser on ATV2). According to this post (http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=803175&postcount=491) it seems moot. The ATV2 has Netflix already so to add XBMC Flicks on an ATV2 would be redundant.

- sabotage - 2011-11-22

On the ATV2, you have to close XBMC, in order to launch Netflix from the ATV2 menu. It'd be nice to stay in XBMC, but I understand the reluctance in coding Netflix support.

Netflix is the only reason I haven't replaced ATV2 all together, booting directly into XBMC (no longer able to launch the ATV2 menu even if you wanted)

- shateredsoul - 2011-11-24

i'm runing xbmc on a windows pc, with aeon q3 skin, and xbmc flicks isn't showing up in the repo. I tried refreshing, but no dice. Any ideas? Is there a zip version out there?

- Zeee1 - 2011-11-24

Thank you everyone for your responses.


- jmccorison - 2011-11-28

pre-eden on Mac OS X and no XBMC Flicks on the list of available add-ons, although if I read the list correctly, it should be supported.

- hylan85 - 2011-11-30

Same issue here, not showing up in the addons, I don't understand why. Custom built PC overqualified for both Netflix and XBMC.

- jayleekay - 2011-11-30

I don't have it in my addons either. I just assumed it was because I'm using the pvr nightly build of XBMC. But, even before I was using the PVR build I was using a nightly and it wouldn't show up in addons there either.

Dead for now - ZaPHoN - 2011-12-09

Not sure how useful this information is but I thought I'd share it because it would seem everyone will be dead in the water until they get their head screwed on straight.


Redesigning the Netflix API: No Versions, Many Endpoints
Adam DuVander, July 28th, 2011

NetflixWhen video rental and streaming company Netflix released its Netflix API, it was meant to support its DVD-by-mail business. In the time since the Netflix API was released, the business has shifted to streaming instant video, from hundreds of devices. Meanwhile, the Netflix API hasn’t changed much and it’s time for a redesign, according to Netflix’s Daniel Jacobson in his talk at OSCon Wednesday. Jacobson’s talk offers examples of how the next iteration might look, including doing away with versions, but creating unique endpoints for each partner’s application.

Most REST APIs are designed to support multiple apps with a generic response. Netflix’s problem, which has led to its many billions of API requests, is that different devices have different needs. The iPhone may only show a few recommendations, while a TV may have several rows of movie suggestions in multiple categories. Yet, if those two devices are calling the same API, it will take perhaps a dozen requests for the TV just to load the Netflix home screen.

Once that TV or other device using the Netflix API is out in the wild, Netflix needs to support the API for some time, because it can’t always force an update of software running on a sprawling number of hardware devices. That makes changing the API very difficult. You’d think the answer would be versioning, but Jacobson thinks the opposite.

Rather than versioning its API, Netflix plans to offer unique endpoints for each device. Each is a sort of abstraction layer that speaks to a central Netflix API. By using different endpoints, Netflix also solves the exploding requests problem. Each of those endpoints can be optimized to only return the data needed by that particular device.

Jacobson explains the approach in his slides embedded below.

It’s not an approach that every API can use, though Jacobson said many providers may realize it once their platforms mature. With Netflix focusing on its streaming business, it’s clear this strategy is a way to improve user experiences while separating those optimizations from the main API. This pseudo internal use is where Jacobson expects the API landscape to see the most growth.

RE: Dead for now - bjs59 - 2011-12-13

ZaPHoN Wrote:Not sure how useful this information is but I thought I'd share it because it would seem everyone will be dead in the water until they get their head screwed on straight.

Okay, tried to set this up before finding this thread... I read all 65 pages until I came to this last post... Before I go back and spend more time trying to get this working on XP Pro SP3, it would be nice to know if it is truely dead for now or does it still work?

Thanks for everyone's work trying to get this up and running!!! Really looking forward to getting this to work on my system....

- ghart999 - 2011-12-14

I too wonder if this plugin still works (Win 7 x64) before I try anything.

- bjs59 - 2011-12-15

Well I finally got this going on my XP Pro SP3 system.... Took me a couple of tries (plus a couple system lock ups) to get it going and I'm pretty computer literate... (Have a FreeBSD Server for my home network services and a FreeNAS file server as well) Everything seems to work for me except my Instant Queue stuff... I will play with it some more later on....