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RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Flicks - Netflix Movies / TV Shows (Video) Addon for XBMC - jeoff - 2013-03-03

Hello I am running Frodo on Windows XP.
I installed the XBMC flicks addon and everything looks OK untill I try to play a video. I see XBMC getting minimized and IE opens. But after that I only see a white screen with a red bar accross the top with the Netflix logo in the top left. I hear constant clicking in the background and the video never starts playing.

Anyone seen this before? thanks!

RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Flicks - Netflix / TV Shows (Video) experimental Addon for XBMC - anewlanguage - 2013-03-04

I guess I'm just going to give up on this for now and hope somebody updates this add-on so it's fully compatible, because I haven't had any luck really. The best I've got going now is I can search for and watch movies on Netflix in Frodo, but that kind of sucks compared to using my Wii, or even just opening a browser and using the Netflix website.

Ticking Sound on Video Launch - tegat - 2013-03-07

To those hearing that ticking sound when launching a video:

You may be able to fix it by changing your Audio Output settings.For me this issue mysteriously began when I upgraded from Frodo RC3 to Final. I went to this page http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=AudioEngine/HOW-TO:_Configure_audio and followed the Audio Output Settings Guide for TV since the audio output from my computer goes to my TV. If you have a different speaker setup you probably have to adjust accordingly. For Audio output device, WASAPI worked for me. DirectSound caused the ticking to occur.

Hope that helps.

RE: [RELEASE] - branlr - 2013-03-09

(2013-02-24, 05:06)verheek Wrote:
(2013-02-23, 21:27)kiler129 Wrote: "Genres" tab is also working but it's painfully slow - loading one genre took more than 40 seconds. Also results aren't cached. Getting whole genre is also a bad practice I think - it contain a lot of data.
It's interesting bcs I think all comercial devices like Roku uses this API and works smooth - any idea how? I think I should start from basics - API testing

My impression is the code could be optimized. There are some rules about what you are allowed to keep and how long in the developer agreement. Not sure if it applies to catalogs too or just user data. But I noticed that new auth and new results are done everytime(?) a menu item is selected.

I started with the "latest" netflix.py from http://code.google.com/p/pyflix/ and then have been rewriting iqueue.py and menu.py to use the updated library based on example code in example.py from the same google code site. It was last updated in 2009 but reading over the api, not a lot has changed but the code needs to be updated a bit for version 2 of the api and made more robust with exception handling. Version 2 mostly just improves catalog searches and allows for batching calls. Also rental and @Home need to be removed as they are no longer available and some other feed endpoints were removed too.

Hi Verheek, would it be possible for you to upload a more-up-to-date version of this plugin?

RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Flicks - Netflix Movies - handbone - 2013-03-09

Bad News Everybody.

"Netflix changes its API program by ending it, will no longer issue new dev keys"


This should only affect users who have not gotten a API key yet

RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Flicks - Netflix Movies - branlr - 2013-03-09

(2013-03-09, 05:12)handbone Wrote: Bad News Everybody.

"Netflix changes its API program by ending it, will no longer issue new dev keys"


This should only affect users who have not gotten a API key yet

But each user doesn't need a API key, correct? Will the API key currently registered as xbmcflicks2 expire like the first one did?

RE: [RELEASE] - kiler129 - 2013-03-10

@branlr: Unfortunately yes.
So for now I think we should go blackhat and start a fresh branch which parse netflix website. For sure it requires providing login&password for account but after keys expire plugin will be useless.

According to TC (http://techcrunch.com/2013/03/08/netflix-stops-issuing-api-keys-to-new-developers-effectively-ending-its-developer-program/ ) Netflix promised that current keys will be active but as we know Netflix policy of changes is unpredictable.

Netflix using HTML5 - Devo7v - 2013-03-11

I just read this article (http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/11/samsung-chromebook-netflix-html5-streaming/) that states that it is now possible to view Netflix using HTML5. The may open the door to tighter integration in XBMC and eliminate the need for an external window. Hopefully somebody can figure this out before they close the API so a current key can be added before they disallow new ones. XBMC Flicks may live on and be better than ever.

RE: Netflix using HTML5 - kiler129 - 2013-03-12

@Devo7v: I don't think it's HTML5 player ... unfortunately.


I read some sort of their code. It look's like they implemented whole communication with NCCP using JS but video is posted along with keys to native code plugin, so it still require embed browser, a Chrome browser and ARM CPU (NPAPI plugins are architecture depended).

btw. the code is very interesting, after five minutes I've found:
Turning debugging on will be very easy, code checks only one variable from main page:
var k = /^test/i.test(j("environment", "prod", /^(prod|test)/i)),

RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Flicks - Netflix Movies / TV Shows - yabsie - 2013-03-15

I have been gone awhile, I am sad, but I think the dream is dead. The OData catelog is what I was using to drive the cooler features I was implementing, and its being yanked.

Obviously NF hate us so I am jumping ship. F***ing sucks.


Netflix API Developer Blog

Changes to the Public API Program

Daniel Jacobson 7 days ago
The API program has shifted over the past few years to support our growing and evolving streaming business. Its primary focus is to support the myriad devices used by our 33 million members to stream TV shows and movies from Netflix. Because of this evolution, we are making additional changes to the public API program.

The changes, outlined below, are designed to allow us to focus our API efforts on supporting the products and features used most by our members. They are also designed to allow us to continue to offer the public API program in a way that aligns with our goals.

The following are the changes we are making to the program, all of which are effective immediately (except where otherwise noted):

We will no longer issue new public API developer keys. All existing keys that are actively calling the API will remain active.
We will no longer accept new API affiliates. There will be no impact to existing and active affiliates.
We will no longer offer test environments. The test tools have been unavailable for a while and we won’t bring them back.
We will set the forums in the developer portal to read-only. We encourage developers to continue their conversations at StackOverflow with the tag “netflixapi”. The existing forum posts will remain on the site for now in the form of an archive.
We will retire the OData catalog, effective on April 8, 2013.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Daniel Jacobson

Director of Engineering – Netflix API

Balls.. - locoguano - 2013-03-22

SO does the "retirement" of the OData catalog kill the current functionality of the addon? If so, April 7th will be my last day with Netflix.

RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Flicks - moocow1452 - 2013-03-29

Wait, so can we still pick movies to play from Netflix, and open them in their own browser? If not, we never got Netflix-Desktop working with it, which is a sad...

is this over? - captaintrap - 2013-04-05

so too be clear........this plugin no longer works?

frick - locoguano - 2013-04-05

it works... but only if you have an api key. Maybe you can find a nice person who will share his/hers.

RE: [) experimental Addon for XBMC - captaintrap - 2013-04-05

I have a paid netfli account, do i still need someone else's API key? When I get the key how do I get the adding working? Thanks for the info