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- DejaVu - 2011-02-27

I submitted an image the other day for Working Class. Extremely simple image to create, took me all of about 20 minutes. I made sure it was a good as I could get it as it was easy.

Now, the problem being, it HAS got a drop shadow that is 4 pixels and hits the bottom of the image - perfectly. But the view from the naked eye maybe looks as though it's 'Not bottom aligned' where it actually IS according to PhotoShop CS5, with my color blindness I have to check with CS5 -


What I'm getting at is, I give my images a drop shadow and they get pulled for not hitting the restictions, when the actually do!

I have not made images for a while for this reason, I decide to make one and it gets denied.

I am getting to the point of giving up...! I'll leave my submissions for an other couple of months...!

Just to back my arguement, there is a file I noticed that needs pulling down for not being completely transparent and looks totally out of place on my setup -


Toys thrown - Rant over! Wink

Still... Much love to FanArt.TV for making my HTPC looks the Bees Knees! Smile

- daul - 2011-02-27

Is it just me or is the site down?

- MarkAsRead - 2011-02-27


Sorry mate, that must have been me denying it, the last week or so there have been so many (and I mean many) submissions that sometimes my head starts to spin. So it is possible that sometimes the good gets tossed out with the bad.

Just resub it and I'll approve it.


- MarkAsRead - 2011-02-27

daul Wrote:Is it just me or is the site down?

If it's you it's also me. Wink

- Kode - 2011-02-27

Should be working now, the server it's on got ddos-ed, some people have nothing better to do than act like children I guess. Not sure who the attack was directed at, still looking into it.

- MarkAsRead - 2011-02-28

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- hikaricore - 2011-02-28

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clearArt Cache? - markimark - 2011-02-28

....and one more question! I have created a clearart for use on my pc. It appears on the show on pause but now I recreated it but the old version still is showing up. How that? What do I have to do to get my recreated clearart? I am sure it is something about an cache or so but don´t know how to handle it. Any help out there? Thanks.

bottom alignment issues - alnoah - 2011-03-02


I'm sorry to bother the admins of fanart.tv, but I'm a little confuse with this issue, so I'd like some help.

Some of the clearLogos I've uploaded the last few days have been denied since they weren't bottom aligned. But in fact they were (I've double-checked this with gimp and photoshop). I'm guessing the problem comes from the grey shadows they have. For example, if you review them with red or green background, the last pixels of the shadow close to the bottom end are almost invisible, and hence it seems that the logo is not bottom aligned. If you see those logos with white background that should be not problem, but the "Pending/Denied" panel of the web adds a small padding below the images, which could be misleading.

I'm guessing that this two combined factors sometimes makes the admins to reject some very nice logos. For example, this logo: http://fanart.tv/fanart/deny/4d5653e527140.png (that isn't mine) has been rejected because is not bottom aligned, but if you open it with photoshop you'll see that the shadow is close to the bottom edge...

On the other hand, may be I'm just doing something wrong... I'm not an expert on this, so be merciful ;-) Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to upset the admins. I know they do a very hard job. I just want to clarify this issue and don't bother them again in the future with bad uploads.

And congrats for your excellent web :-)

PD: Sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker.

- mcborzu - 2011-03-02

markimark Wrote:....and one more question! I have created a clearart for use on my pc. It appears on the show on pause but now I recreated it but the old version still is showing up. How that? What do I have to do to get my recreated clearart? I am sure it is something about an cache or so but don´t know how to handle it. Any help out there? Thanks.

either delete userdata\Database\Textures.db or wait 24hrs...

- markimark - 2011-03-03

mcborzu Wrote:either delete userdata\Database\Textures.db or wait 24hrs...

cool, thank you. worked out pefectly. no one else could tell me that before. very thankful....cheers.

- hikaricore - 2011-03-23

Keep an eye out for a user named "Sekhmet".

I just happened to notice today that two logos he submitted were exact copies of mine only inverted.
Mind you this is not a huge deal or anything, it just kinda pisses me off to see my work trivialized that way.
I remember spending nearly an hour on the logo for Lain...

- dannycorker - 2011-03-30

Anyone fancy doing the Walking With Beasts logo for me? Been sat at the top of the requests for 42 days now Sad

- NeoRame - 2011-03-31

sorry guys but u need a report and comment function. because some of your stuff are wrong. for example you give a ok for this logos: http://fanart.tv/shows/?id=102621 BUT
that are NOT the superman logo from the 1940s show (google for more info)!!! and denied the original logo http://fanart.tv/fanart/deny/4d942facf127a.png with a "Image is not of high enough quality" but hey that is a 1940s show i think the vintage looks is more then suitable. and your mods have to check the logos a little bit more, 2 days ago some logo are reported as noch align with the bottom (that was right at a few pics) but 3 or 4 of it was ok. you dont have to forget the shadows (or glowing) effects...

kind regards

- MarkAsRead - 2011-03-31

If you don't agree with a mod, just resubmit it again.

We get a lot of images submitted on a daily basis and to keep up with the amount submitted sometimes good images get dumped in the pile of bad images.

Oh and the mods are brutal, that's just how we roll. :p