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- nad - 2005-03-11

talking of xbmccontroldesktop.exe.config, i would like to fix the http standard non-compliance in the goahead web server that requires the use of this config file. i am in a position to fix the problem but i can't see what the problem is with the headers. the headers that are causing the problem are:

http/1.0 200 ok
server: goahead-webs
pragma: no-cache
cache-control: no-cache
content-type: text/html

does anyone have any suggestions of what is causing the problem?


- thor918 - 2005-03-11

can it be that it misses the content-length?

taken from the http spesification
Quote: all 1xx (informational), 204 (no content), and 304 (not modified) responses must not include a body. all other responses must include an entity body or a content-length header field defined with a value of zero (0).

- elupus - 2005-03-11

not sure about the header, but check docs about that error on msdn they probably have info on how it's supposed to look.

just a entry bar in which you could give the url that the playfile instruction gets would be really nice i think. i have that situation quite often that i find a stream on the net that i'd like to view in xbmc, but i'm to lazy to create a strm file and put in a location where the xbox can see it.

- mvoosten - 2005-03-11

cannot seem to find the demo compiled applications (esp pocketpc app.
only see 1 file that looks like a sourcecode of it....

- nad - 2005-03-12

download xbmccontrol.zip from the sf link at the start of this thread. unzip (retaining folder structure) and the files that need to be copied to your pocketpc are in the root of the folder you unzipped to.
you will also find in the zip a second zip file which is the desktop version.


- mvoosten - 2005-03-13

yep had downloaded it previously...
this time when i try it all i get is a corrupt zip file Sad

- incognegro - 2005-03-14

hey i have the new march 12 xbmc and it says it can't retrieve anything from the xbox.........i don't know how to set this up. i can control it using firefox but not this program :help:
im using the desktop version

- nad - 2005-03-17

mvoosten: try again, the zip files are ok

incognegro: from firefox enter the following url


(you may need to substitute xbox with the actual ip address of your xbox)

if you get a response with 'currently playing' then xbmc is set up correctly. if you don't but the web interface is working (which you say it is) then it sounds like you need a more recent version of xbmc.

once the above is working then you can turn your attention to xbmccontroldesktop. open up xbmccontroldesktop.ini.txt (created the first time you run the program) in a text editor and replace the line


with the ip address you used in firefox, e.g:


that should be all you need to get past the initial error message. you will now need to further configure the ini.txt file as detailed in the readme.txt file.


- nad - 2005-03-22

just uploaded v0.97 which adds 'play clipboard' command to the desktop version. see the readme file but basically copying the name of a stream or a file to the clipboard and using the new command will start xbmc playing the stream/file.


- incognegro - 2005-03-23

ok this is serious! i followed what you told me, word for word, and im gonna tell you step by step what happened:

downloaded the xbmccontrol.zip from the link provided (version 0.97)
read your post and put my ip in place of xbox on the link and it worked. it told me what song is play presently.
i unzipped the xbmccontrol.zip and extracted xbmccontrol desktop into "new folder" on my desktop (just to test it)
then i opened xbmccontroldesktop.exe and i get a messege saying "xbmccontrol.ini.txt should be checked - using default values" xbmccontrol.ini.txt appears in the folder cause it wasn't there before.
i open xbmccontrol.ini.txt with notepad and replace 'xbox' with my ip and now it looks like:


i try it again and it says 'talking to xbox' for a moment then says 'loading media list' then a prompt come up saying "could not retrieve files list from xbmc. check the network and xbmc settings." then it goes off line.

so i check my xbmc settings and i have it set as a webserver on port 80 with no pass and ftp server is on too. while im doing all of this, im playing a playlist of songs on an smb share. my network shouldn't have any problems cause i can access everything from any program from my xbox with my setup. never had a problem with my network at all.
i have march 21 cvs build so its not an old version issue.no matter what build i try, its the same problem. :help:

- nad - 2005-03-25

incognegro: have you checked that the two roots in your xbmccontroldesktop.ini.txt file are pointing to folders that exist on your xbox? i think this is the problem.

just going offline isn't the most obvious error message - i'll change this in the next version.


- salle78 - 2005-04-02

i have a small request, it would be great if these two asp-commands also existed like http-api-commands:

xbmccfggetbookmark(type, "name/path", position)

then you could get a list of all the bookmarks (and their path) without creating a asp-page to get it from.

- HaggleLad - 2005-04-03

firstly sorry for my ignorance but i've just quickly viewed this post coz its linked from the changelog for the new cvs (2005-04-01) which i've just installed.

looking at the screen shots from the first post it looks like an impressive piece of kit, good work.

i'm guessing this will not work on my palm tungsten t5 or will it? also is there any way to access the gui from a pc (if so whats the url)?

many thanks

- salle78 - 2005-04-03

(opearmain @ april 03 2005,11:47 Wrote:also is there any way to access the gui from a pc (if so whats the url)?
if you have enabled the webserver in xbmc you can surf to your xbox, if your xbox for example has the ip, just enter in your webbrowser. another way is to use nad's or my windows-application, however my application don't support the new features like handle playlists and set volume, but i'm working on a new version that will support that ( http://www.geocities.com/grundir4/xbmr/ )

(opearmain @ april 03 2005,11:47 Wrote:i'm guessing this will not work on my palm tungsten t5 or will it?
nope, both mine and nad's pocketpc-application requires the .net compact framework, and will only work on pocketpc. but if you have a webbrowser on your palm you can use that to control xbmc on the same way that you can control it from your webbrowser on your pc. you may however want to install another web-skin that is more adopted for a device with a small screen like your palm.

- HaggleLad - 2005-04-05

salle78 thanks very much for your reply. its a shame it won't work on my palm but nevermind maybe i'll just have to get a pocket pc especially!!! (ps: does it need to be wireless or does it work through infrared)

Quote:also is there any way to access the gui from a pc (if so whats the url)?
what i mean by this question is - does the application that runs on the pocket pc also work on a desktop pcHuh
(i find the standard xbmc webserver a bit cumbersome and am interested if your app does things better)
edited: i have just download the zip file and i can see that the app does have a desktop version, i'll try it at home later, looks great - thanks!!!!!!!

re: xbox media remote
i just downloaded v0.1a and it didn't work, dunno why, (i can post error messages if you'd like)

also: mvoosten commented that the zip file is corrupt. i found it was corrupt too when using my w2000 pc at home two days ago but i've just tried again at work on xp today and it works!!!

thanks everyone