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- Johnsel - 2010-12-18

Neerav Wrote:Thank you for a wonderful little program tested it today and it works Smile YEY!
i just have one suggestion when i move my hand towards kinect to get it recogniced it almost always enter the movie at the same time thats a bit annoying.. is it hard to do it so you make a "grip" motion (make a fist) to enter the movie/menu so those moves dont get mixed up? Smile thank you again and looking forward to the next update ^^

Use a click (push & retract) movement instead of a push movement. My instruction was a little unclear, sorry.

tripkip Wrote:Congrats this is awesome. How difficult would it be to get this running on xbmc live?

I'd have to rewrite it to some linux app instead of a windows app, not that hard and will come in a couple of hours/days, not sure yet Smile

hotlobster Wrote:Hi

I've tested it with a windows laptop connecting to my linux xbmc. It works really well for a first try.
I've found the push hand gesture to detect hand, left right, up down controls too.

Have you you implemented yet other gesture I've missed ?

Like quit a video, get film info ?


Not yet, basic control is more important currently Smile

- hotlobster - 2010-12-18

I've compiled it with mono, but had to use the windows ManagedNite.dll to achieve this.

It starts ok with mono KinectTest1.exe
But when pushing the button to start gesture tracking, it crashes as it tryes to use windows native code:


Linux Nite library is libXnVNite.so

Replacing the call in the csproj to this lib doesn't works.

- Johnsel - 2010-12-18

Don't bother, i'll rewrite it to C++ right away, expect it to be finished in an hour or 4 Smile

edit: 2 -> 4 hours, got some other crap to take care of first.

- hotlobster - 2010-12-18

Quote:i'll rewrite it to C++ right away, expect it to be finished in an hour or 2

That's a pretty damn good news. Big Grin

If you could add the possibility to set xbmc ip from command line , and having working in background.

Keep up the good work.

- deedwar - 2010-12-18

Thank you very much for this, got a kinect for this very reason, looking forward to all the extra gestures that you keep packing in... Keep up the good work.

- Converter - 2010-12-19

Good Work Man, You deserve to earn some money from this.

- Johnsel - 2010-12-19

Haven't had time to work on the C++ program. Sad Maybe tomorrow I'll find some time for it Smile

for a noob - connect - 2010-12-19

I bought a kinect hoping that there will be a program to control the desktop with. My ideal purpose was to be able to lay in bed, hook up my computer to the T.V and browse my media via kinect while I'm in bed. However there is no such software just yet but this program you got posted sure looks handy but I can't seem to get it working. Does it matter what version XBMC is running? the one I am using looks different to the one on the video.

- evilgeenius - 2010-12-19

It seems to me like the simplest possible thing would to be just to track the users hand as if it were a mouse pointer, like the menu does in the game "Kinect Adventures".

- pdeg69 - 2010-12-19

Rumor: MS quadrupling Kinect accuracy?

- hotlobster - 2010-12-19

we can already use [email protected] with kinect Primesense drivers , and [email protected] probably. Smile

- Johnsel - 2010-12-19

Yeah, but that still isn't accurate enough for finger tracking. If you have tried my program you can run a primesense sample app at C:\Program Files\Prime Sense\NITE\Samples\Bin\Release\Sample-PointViewer.exe to see a live depth stream. Only thing possible at an acceptable distance would be hand gestures like open/close and alike. Haven't got the 1280x1024 resolution to work though, that could make an interesting difference, if it works for the depth image too that is, which i'm not sure of.

edit: Working on the C++ version for live as we speak btw. Not much progress so far.

- connect - 2010-12-19

can you please post a link of the version of XBMC to download.

nvm i got it working.

- hotlobster - 2010-12-19

I have a dream.

Let's use an Alicebot engine, and adapt it for some HTPC interactions. Link this with text2speech and speech recognition engine. Use Kinect for face recognition, and gesture tracking. (...) PROFITS!


( this is of course a fake video, just to illustrate. Wink )

- Mastermayhem - 2010-12-19

Hello, I'am sorry if my english is bad, i'am french,I am very excited about your work on KINECT, I have KINECT and tried to duplicate all this with XBMC, i success but I managed the software was totament uncontrollable since XBMC recognizes me as well KINECTS controller but it does not recognize my hand so I can not do anything, you have a solution?

PS: I 'am Windows 7 32 bits.