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Videobuster (videobuster.de) German scraper broken? - justme - 2010-12-18


i'm not able anymore to scrape from Videobuster.de.
A "check" with the Scraper Editor from Nicezia posted here in the forum gave me as a result an invalid URI schema and that it wasn't able to parse the xml result.

Anyone has similar problems with the scraper (v1.0.9.Version) :confused2:

- timmi1000 - 2010-12-19

I have the same problem. I hope, i will be fixed. It's the best german scraper for me.

- mkortstiege - 2010-12-20

Works for me. Please enable debug logging and pastebin it, so we can see what's going on.

- justme - 2010-12-20

hi vdrfan,

thanks for lookin into this

i pasted the log (to keep it small the important part from the scraper here)


if u need more debug infos just ask.


- mkortstiege - 2010-12-20

You most likely got a timeout while searching which ended up in a 404 page not found. The site is pretty slow at times. Please try again and report back.

- justme - 2010-12-20

nope still the same issue Sad
also i never had any problems before with scraping and/or speeds there

do ya know aprox. after how many seconds a timeout occurs, a test in a webbrowser with the searchurl
took about 3sec. to get a result actually.

- mkortstiege - 2010-12-20

Hmz. Mind posting the entire log?

- justme - 2010-12-20

i'll try first if i have tomorrow maybe more luck again
otherwise i post the entire log, something special there you're looking for ?
like shall i reboot box and start logging from there ?

- mkortstiege - 2010-12-20

Nothing special, just some more information besides the actual scrape fail. libcurl error 22 states a http error (>400) hence the request to try it again.

Scraping men in black and others via videobuster.de 1.0.9 is working fine for me

- justme - 2010-12-21

Hi vdrfan,

here is the complete log file (still no success) Sad


- mkortstiege - 2010-12-21

Log looks fine except of the curl error. Tbh I have no idea why it fails, as it's working fine here. Sorry.

- justme - 2010-12-21

oki thx for lookin @ it vdrfan.
timmi1000 do ya have the same error in your logs ?

hm now it's getting odd, was thinking about to uninstall the videobuster scraper and re-install it
ok it's not working (option is not enabled) i thought maybe cause it's my default scraper for movies
and i need to change that setting, but the option for the settings is gone or i'm just to stupid to find it anymore now :/

- mkortstiege - 2010-12-21

The default scraper options were removed in Dharma final and moved to advancedsettings.xml.

- justme - 2010-12-21

ah ok, thx for that info really thought i was actually totally blind hehe

- justme - 2010-12-22

Hi vdrfan,

ok works now again, re-installed everything Wink

btw vdrfan any chance to add as option to use the imdb rating instead the rating from videobuster.de (something similar like themoviedb scraper) or would that to much work to swap between both ratings internally ?