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- Sranshaft - 2010-12-31

KennethC Wrote:I asked the question elsewhere, but maybe this might be a better place...

If I select a song to play, can I get it to go directly to the Music OSD? Is there something in this skin that will allow that? Some file to edit?


Press the tab key on the keyboard.

- KennethC - 2010-12-31

Sranshaft Wrote:Press the tab key on the keyboard.

Yeah, I knew about that... but I am looking for something a little more automatic, I guess.

- Sranshaft - 2010-12-31

KennethC Wrote:Yeah, I knew about that... but I am looking for something a little more automatic, I guess.

Ahh, yeah. Not so much. I guess you could set the screen saver to use the visualization and set it to 1 minute (the lowest time I think it goes). I think that's about your only other option.

- frellAn - 2011-01-02

Just got this to work:


Anyone who has a good set of icons for genre?

- henrikyo - 2011-01-02

Wow, awesome work frellan, thx for fixing the movie info fanart stuff Smile all good now

- BigDaddyRal - 2011-01-03

frellAn Wrote:Anyone who has a good set of icons for genre?

There were a bunch of genre poster icons included with Aeon65 some time ago. they're really nice; I can upload them separately if you'd like.



- Milhouse - 2011-01-06

This is a really great skin!

Unfortunately just one minor problem, which may be skin related.

I'm running OpenELEC, and with the Confluence skin I can see the available storage for my /storage partition in Settings > Info > Storage. This is on the USB key used to boot the system, as all media is on a NAS. OpenELEC is a Linux system.

However in Fusion, the Storage section of the "Settings Home" screen simply shows:


and no numbers or figures, meaning the Storage section is somewhat unattractive.

In the Settings > Info > Storage panel for Fusion, there is a list of 6 mount points displayed, eg. "C: Unavailable", "D: Unavailable", "E: Unavailable" etc., all of them "Unavailable".

Is the Fusion skin "Windows" specific, and not taking Linux into account when accessing storage information?

- The-Boxhead - 2011-01-07

This skin is still beta, which means that many features can be missing and
generally much work is to be done. This beta is only aimed at users
who want to test drive the skin and help the author to remove bugs and get all functions running as they should.

Please look in the bugs forum thread, if you find bugs report them there if they are not allready reported.

There is also a feature suggestion forum thread, here you can ask about improvements you think can be added to the skin.

- mstef - 2011-05-27

frellAn Wrote:Image

I like your media flags! These fits much more than those from 0.9.0.