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What would you like / use - pecinko - 2011-01-03

I'm trying to make some sort of modernization of xTV. My primary goals are simplicity, ease of use and navigation through skin. I can not make any promises ATM, but if I succeed I intended to share it with you.

Skin is heavily inspired by ATV interface, but won't copy it entirely. If that's what you are after, go check ATV3 skin being prepared by eumel and wingmanNZ, that we all are waiting for.

As I'm not planning many views I would like to know what's your favorite view. It should be easy to use by newcomers and kids. I'm also interested in your suggestions regarding minimalistic and simplified design.

I guess that from a feedback I could also judge how many of you are interested, so I can decide wether to pursue this or just make it as my little private project.